Fiber Faves

As I mentioned in another post, we don’t have a ton of access for getting fresh produce here in Bush Alaska.

There certainly are options. For example, the local store here gets some of the sturdier fruits and vegetables (think potatoes and onions) every once in awhile. Also, word on the street is that if you contact one of the ladies who works for Lake Clark Air, she’ll go to Costco for you and have your items shipped out that day or the day after (it’s very expensive to do this…and we haven’t gotten desperate enough yet…but the day just might come;).

Also, the school always has freshness for snack and lunch time, so we really aren’t going totally without.

However, I try to cook with as much fiber as possible, and I don’t think I need to tell y’all why 😉

First off, I try to use whole grain and unprocessed ingredients. So I use whole wheat flour, brown rice, stuff like that. And I also try to incorporate beans and lentils into as much stuff as I can (random side note-I found this recipe on Pinterest for lentil bolognese. It made for a totally delicious chunky pasta sauce-you hardly notice the lentils at all. Why didn’t I think of that?). Also, herbs aiding in digestion have become my good friends.

And then I’ve found some totally awesome fiber filled products that I love to use-especially here in the Bush!


In no specific order…

Papa Pita’s Thinwich: Ben bought these when he first came out to the Bush because they had less of a chance of getting squished in transit than a loaf of bread-but man, am I glad he found these! They’ve got 5 grams of fiber and they taste super good. They make great hamburger buns too!

Ole Xtreme Wellness! Spinach & Herbs Tortilla Wraps: These guys aren’t messing around-they’ve got 9 grams (nine!) of fiber per wrap! The flavor is subtle so you can pair them with pretty much anything. They do have a bit of a grainy texture, but you get used to it and we love them. (Thanks, Heather for introducing us;)

Craisins (Reduced Sugar): I think deep down I’ve always known I was a snacker, but being here in the Bush has made me hyper-aware of it. I snack. A lot. Regular Craisins have a good amount of fiber, but if you get the reduced sugar Craisins, somehow the fiber skyrockets up to 10 grams per serving, which is pretty wild. Craisins. Yum.

Justin’s Peanut Butter: Soooooo…I’m all about being cost effective and I would never buy individually portioned things when you can just buy a big ol’ jar and get a waaaay better deal. However, I buy a lot of stuff through and you can get free shipping if you spend $50 or more. I don’t order very often, so when I do order, getting to $50 isn’t normally a problem. But one time I was a couple dollars short so I threw in some of the individual serving Justin’s Peanut Butter and unfortunately, they got me hooked! It’s natural peanut butter so it’s not sweetened or anything, but it’s totally delicious. I love apples and peanut butter as a snack and it has the perfect amount for the combo. Plus it’s clean! And it has 4 grams of fiber in one packet (which is like double other natural peanut butters). So basically, win-win. Hide all the Justin’s packets for myself.

Mamma Chia Chia Squeeze: I definitely use chia seeds out here (in yogurt and oatmeal and, if I’m feeling wild, baked goods too). But the Mamma Chia Squeezes are unique in and of themselves and we’re in love! It’s basically a fruit juice that’s packed with chia seeds, fruits and flavor (4 grams of fiber each). They kind of make you feel like a kid cause you’re squeezing juice out of a pouch, but, gosh, they’re yummy! We’ve tried lots of the flavors and we like them all, but Blackberry Bliss is our favorite! Also, Wal-Mart (and probably other places) carries Mamma Chia in a glass bottled version that’s a bit less thick and Ben prefers those ones. But I think they’re all good.


Anyone have any favorites I need to try out?


It’s probably a sad story that I get so darn excited about fiber…oh well!

3 thoughts on “Fiber Faves

  1. Hey, it’s Michie, how long will you guys be in Alaska? Am i able to go to costco and send you stuff?? Sounds like an adventure!


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