Summer Vacation: Colorful Colorado


Sooooo….I was totes MIA this summer as far as the blog goes…and I don’t really have a good excuse except that I just kinda did what I wanted this summer.

When planning the summer, I kept nudging Ben towards finding a summer job, to which he finally replied, “Kim, I’m a teacher. Teachers get the summer off.” For some reason, I hadn’t clicked those two things together, but it made sense to me, so I went with it.

The summer was mainly spent hopping back and forth between our families-sometimes in Utah sometimes in Idaho. However, we did have a few trip trips where we went somewhere/did something different. One such trip was to the mountains of Colorado.

My extended family has reunion-type events pretty often. My parents and siblings haven’t ever really planned a reunion just for our family because it seemed like there was always a wedding dictating when we got together. However, weddings slowed down, more siblings moved out of Utah, and more grankids started coming. Long story short-we needed a reason  to get together.

We debated for quite awhile on where we should meet. Luckily our dad snagged us a chance to stay at a gorgeous lodge in northwest Colorado.

Now, the sad part is that we only got the cabin because we knew someone…so as incredible a place it is, it’s not something you can go online and book. Sorry! But it was gorgeous and huge and a perfect place for our family to adventure and hang out.


We were blessed with absolutely gorgeous weather (they predicted snow! Luckily there was none!). And everyone planned some stellar activities throughout the week. Besides the activities, there was lots of hiking, laughing, eating some freaking good food, and just enjoying nature (and each other, naturally). Here’s some of the fun stuff we did.

A huge hit with the kids was this beach cake. My mom baked a cake slanted in the oven, and on the empty end she made and set some blue Jell-O. Seriously, the kids looooooved it. They helped decorate it, and since they couldn’t eat it until after dinner, they spent hours just staring at it. And I’m sure sneaking some tastes…


My mom(yes, she is awesome and a kick-A grandma) custom made all the kiddos a t-shirt with her sweet embroidery machine. Again, the kids loved their shirts!










One activity we planned on was a popcorn making contest. We did sweet and savory and it was delicious to be snacking on p-corn throughout the day. We had every flavor between cake batter and bacon. Yum. Another fun contest we did was a blind root beer tasting contest where you had to guess the brand. We had like 10-15 different root beers to taste and guess. It was really hard (for pop amateurs like me) and super fun. And Ben would probably like me to mention that he tied for first place with Matt. Our soda connoisseurs.

My parents had been to the cabin before with my dad’s siblings, and my dad said the best thing there was to do was take the 4 wheelers out. Does my family have 4 wheelers? No. But no problem! Pa went out and bought some! Broken ones, of course and then he got them fixed up before he towed them to Colorado for us to enjoy all week. All in the name of a good time 🙂 And they really were a blast!


Somehow I missed snagging a picture of one of the most deviously infamous parts of the vacation-the rubber band gun wars! And let’s be real, I didn’t get any pictures because I made it a very high priority to avoid getting hit (pregnancy is a wonderfully lame albeit valid excuse for many things). But you can see the guns in the above picture on the left. Mom and dad built the guns and there was a serious  rubber band battle field every single day of the reunion. It always started out quietly enough…but soon became a raging battle with Grandpa, Grandma, grankids, aunts and uncles all wielding a four-“bullet” capacity shooter. There were only minimal tears and nobody lost an eye.


Dance party! Luckily Aunt Whitney has trained her kids well and so the dance party was totally grooving. Mom brought finger lights that made it super awesome.


Aunt Linda had a game involving pantyhose on the head. It was freaking hilarious and unfortunately, I think Linda and I were the only ones to witness the hilarity of it.


The week before the cabin, Ben and I saw the new Alice in Wonderland movie, Through the Looking Glass. So when we saw this, we just about died laughing thinking of  Sacha Baron Cohen yelling, “You can’t win a race against time!” But you probably had to be there…

Aunt Heather planned this super fun scavenger hunt that led to this ice cream cone piñata. Yeah, she made that! Isn’t it adorable!? It was sturdy too! I think we cycled though each kid taking a whack at it like 3 times, which I think is pretty much unheard of in the history of piñata whacking.


In fact, it eventually just had to be wrassled to the ground in order to get to the goods.


Another win for mom were the tie-dye t-shirts. I have it on very good record that some of the grandkids may or may not have made 5 t-shirts. Each. Because when is tie-dye not an appropriate fashion choice???


It had been awhile since we’d had all the siblings together so we tried to take advantage and take some family pics. Let me just say that getting all these people to look good in the same photo was a challenge. Not that they don’t look good…just…faces…eye contact…eh, you know what I mean.

But everyone, to my knowledge, survived the photo-taking session.


Kids are probably the easiest to all get looking at the camera at the same time. Ha! But seriously-this one actually turned out pretty good!

Anyhow, totally awesome trip. Tons of fun seeing everyone. And all the activities were a huge hit (none of which I can take credit for…).

Now we just need to figure out how we can top it next year…

3 thoughts on “Summer Vacation: Colorful Colorado

  1. So fun to read this and see all the your fun photos! Especially since my kids are like in 90% of them. hah! I’d like to make special mention that Fischer is literally that gray plaid blur in the grandkid picture at the bottom. Wouldn’t want anyone to think he was forgotten, lol!


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