Baby Girl’s Room

Ah. The baby’s bedroom.

The place where we spend a lot of time and money on something the recipient couldn’t not care less about.

But, gosh it’s fun, right?

Truthfully, I didn’t spend too much time (or money) on Wendy’s room because we are renting so no need to get super crazy, and family pitched in way cuter stuff than I could have dreamed up, which made things super easy!

And, honestly, I don’t know why I was so worried about getting it ready before she came. She sleeps in our room. And with all the visitors we got after she was born, I ended up taking down most of the stuff anyway. Whatevs.

The wave of visitors has subsided for the time being, so back up everything goes! It’s not perfect, or even anything to brag about, but I really love how Baby’s little space turned out.


Hello, Walmart Bag in the corner (oops, sorry!). This is it! The other half of the room has a futon that is not exciting at all.

Yes, we just have a pack-n-play instead of a crib. That might change someday…but for now, it works (and, actually, she has yet to use that since she has a bassinet to sleep in for now).


A month or two before baby came, I started freaking out that she didn’t have enough receiving blankets, so I whipped this guy out. It came together really quickly (although, I shamefully admit that I had to google how to cut equilateral triangles…), and I hand quilted it in the white triangles. Buuuuut I shouldn’t have been worried because both of Wendy’s Grandmas pulled through and gave her the best blankies ever. We never use the one above. Oh well, I still think it’s cute.


Here’s her picture wall. My pregnant self may or may not have cried a little when I found the sparkle sign at Ross. And I need to swap out the family pics now that we have pictures with Wendy in them!


My super awesome sis-in-law Linda made these flowers and used them at my baby shower. I selfishly packed up every one of them so that I could use them in baby’s room. My only regret is that I don’t know how to make them myself.


My mom (she’s a sewing wizard…like, for real) made us this teepee! She made it to set up at the shower and I seriously still can’t get over it! I love it so much that I insisted we find a way to pack it back to Flagstaff right after the shower even though we were seriously lacking on space in our car. I know  Wendy won’t appreciate the teepee for another couple years, but it’s up. And I love it.


And that’s her room. I know it will change…soon, even. I’m currently making an embroidery to put up somewhere and I need to make some sort of bow hanger…but it looks good to me!

And I’m grateful she doesn’t have very many clothes because heaven knows we need to use her closet to store all our crap.

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