Five Things Friday: My Favorite Baby Items (0-6 months)

One of my goals this summer is to do more posts where writing is the main point. One of my favorite things about blogging is the opportunity it gives me to write. And since Ben will be teaching on campus this summer (no big summer break), I thought I’d switch things up by adding a “Five Things Friday” post every other week or so. Now, it’s not summer yet (at least not here!) but since I let Wednesday get away from me, I thought I’d throw the first Five Things Friday post out there! So here are five baby items I wouldn’t have been able to live without these past (almost) 6 months!


(I feel like I need to say that obviously I couldn’t have lived without diapers, wipes, baby clothes and a carseat…but those are boring to talk about!)

  1. Ergo Baby 360 Carrier: I LOVE my ErgoBaby Carrier and the proof is in the pudding: I use it every single day. Today I used it 3 times-morning walk, evening walk and going out shopping. It’s easy for me to put on and it’s super adjustable. We’re still finding different ways to button the thing up to help Wendy fit in it better as she grows. And Ben and I can both wear it comfortably (although, Ben has a hard time clipping it in the back, because, you know, muscles). Wendy also loves it. I usually face her toward me so that she can nap while we walk. But lately if the weather is nice and Wendy’s not tired, I’ll face her forward and she FREAKS out…like in a good way. She LOVES it!
  2. Blankets: Like every size and every thickness. Perhaps this item would not pertain to summer babies…but I think it would because summer babies get to experience winter eventually, right? Luckily, Wendy has some sweet grandmamas who made sure she was covered in the blankie department-and somehow they made their blankets with varying degrees of warmth. So when Ben and I head out one of us will say something like, “Is it a Grandma Lifferth Blanket kind of day?” And the other will say, “No, it’s actually not too cold. A Grandma Brown Blanket will do.” Grandma Lifferth’s blankets are flannel and minky (super warm and cuddly) and Grandma Brown’s are flannel on both side (warm, but not too warm and soft). We also have a handful of the lightweight cotton swaddle blankets. The point is, we love our blankets and even though we have a ton we use them all!
  3. Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper: This is one of those things I didn’t know I needed until I used it. In fact, we got it at one of our showers as a gift and I almost returned it which would have the worst mistake ever! Wendy still sleeps in that thing and I love that we can easily move it from room to room. It also folds up which makes things so much easier when we go on trips.
  4. Awesome Diaper Bag: For some reason, we new moms think we have to pack around everything including the kitchen sink for our babies. Truthfully, most the stuff in my diaper bag is only used when we are at home, but even so, it makes me feel better to have it while I’m out and about. I think a diaper bag is a totally personal item where one lady will swear by a certain brand that another lady will absolutely hate. I have a Little Unicorn Marindale backpack. The only thing I don’t love about it is that if it’s packed full, it has to be zipped up otherwise contents will spill everywhere. Other than that I absolutely love it. It fits a ton of stuff, it has several convenient pockets, it’s sturdy, it comes with a changing pad (is it weird that that was on my must have list?), and it can be carried cross shoulder or as a backpack. It’s awesome.
  5. Smartphone: I easily came up with the first 4 items and as I racked my brain for item 5, nothing seemed to fit. Then it dawned on me. I definitely couldn’t have survived without my phone. It’s lame and I don’t know how our mothers did it, but my phone has been absolutely indispensable to me since having a baby. I guess most of its uses pertain directly to nursing. I use it to time feedings. When Wendy was just barely born, I used it to keep track of how often I was feeding her, which side she was eating on, how often she pooped, etc. etc. I use it to read my scriptures in the morning because it’s ten times easier to hold my phone while she eats than it is to hold an actual book. I browse Pinterest, Instagram, play games or read books during her other feedings. And besides nursing, I’m so glad I have it close by so I can shamelessly snap pictures without the hassle of running to get my camera out (and most likely missing the moment). And then having a phone makes it effortless to share said pictures with all of our family members since we live so darn far from everyone. Seriously, Mom, how did you do it without a phone? First world problem for sure, but man, am I glad I’ve got my phone (even if it is crappy and dying and has to be plugged in 80% of the time…).

2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: My Favorite Baby Items (0-6 months)

  1. Blankets are on my faves list too! Tallulah is over one and it’sstill something I have with my always. I like them big- I make mine a yard and a quarter (sqauared). I’ve found a niche for flannel, fleece, minky, knit, and muslin. I love ’em all!


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