5 Things Friday: Favorite Religious Talks

Listening to Conference 6 months ago

So, if you’re LDS you know that General Conference is right around the corner. General Conference happens twice a year and is just a time for us Mormons to hear inspiring messages from our religious leaders, including our apostles and our prophet.

General Conference is honestly something I look forward to so much. I love the extra family time. I love the messages. I love the opportunity to make goals. It’s just all sorts of awesome.

I think listening to and studying the conference talks is a great way to keep learning and growing. Unfortunately, I’m not always as good at reviewing past talks as I should be. However, now that we’re in September, with conference less than a month away, I’ve felt more inclined to give those most recent talks a listen before we bring in another conference to start studying.

If any of you have been more dedicated than me (not hard to do), and have run out of talks to listen to (not that that could ever happen), I thought I’d give a list of some of my all time favorite talks. I love them all for different reasons but they all help me feel the Spirit, which I think is the goal.

  1.  {Why Marriage, Why Family  By Elder D. Todd Christofferson}

Elder Christofferson is easily one of my favorite speakers. This talk is all about why marriage is worthwhile, not just for the couple but for society. This particular General Conference (April 2015) has SO many talks on marriage and they are all spot on! The quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer in this particular talk is honestly one of the biggest reasons I love this message so much. It is so profound and just RIGHT.

2.{ Nevertheless I Went Forth By Anthony D. Perkins}

THIS talk…it’s actually a BYU devotional, so I don’t think it’s gotten the attention that it should get. It’s about making choices and following promptings and having faith. I think it really resonates with me because the path that Ben and I are on is looooong and it seems like there’s a major decision waiting to be made around every turn…but Elder Perkins calls young(ish) adulthood The Decade of Decisions which, it turns out, is very fitting. The talk is hilarious with great anecdotes. And the quote from Elder Holland at the end is a personal fave.

3. {We’ll Ascend Together By Linda K. Burton}

Yes…another talk on marriage! And guess what? This one is from that same conference (April 2015)! If nothing else, click on the link to see some of the sweetest pictures ever! I love everything about this talk especially the proverb Sister Burton shares.

4. {Charity Never Faileth By President Thomas S. Monson}

This talk is about charity and more specifically about not judging others. The story about the inn owner, Mary Bartels, is so sweet it makes me cry every time I read it. And in true President Monson fashion, there are plenty of stories, which always resonate with me.

5. {Chosen to Bear Testimony of My Name By Elder David A. Bednar}

This is one of those talks that make me cry no matter how many times I’ve listened to it. And the first couple of times I couldn’t really place why the talk had such an impact on me. In this talk, Elder Bednar shares a portion of each of the last talks given by 6 of the brethren who’ve passed away since Bednar was called as an apostle. I finally realized that I love the talk so much because I love the leaders of our church so much. They are good, strong, inspired men and women who’ve been called of God. The love they have for each other and for us is so real.



The funny thing about sharing these talks is that the more I wrote about each one, the more I kept thinking of OTHER talks that I wanted to add to the list! Good stuff! And *Note to Self* Don’t forget that lots of great talks have been turned into Mormon Messages and only take a few minutes to watch:)

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