Five Things Friday: Pregnancy Gift Guide

Since I’m currently pregnant, I decided it was totally appropriate of me to put together a list of gift ideas specifically for pregnant women. Now, pregnant women are still women! I’m sure they’d still like to get regular people stuff too! But sometimes it’s nice to cater to pregnancy since pregnancy can be rather uncomfortable at times.


Items Under $20

  • Belly Butter: I’ve never actually used this stuff because it costs money and it’s no guarantee…but if somebody bought it for me I’d be slathering that stuff on every day. Even if a woman already has stretch marks (ahem, like me), it’s nice to have something to rub on your belly because that stretching skin can get quite uncomfortable (and sometimes itchy). There are a billion brands out there, so go with your gut. I’m currently using coconut oil and Vitamin E oil. And my sister used Rosehip Seed oil every day and has never gotten stretch marks (I hope I didn’t just jinx you…).
  • Magazine Subscription: At first I was thinking mom-ish magazines (like Parents or Family Circle) but then I realized that with all the hanging out time a new mom has (babies eat a lot), any magazine would be a welcome change to those around-the-clock feedings. So just choose one that your girl would be into, whether that’s a food magazine or Vogue.
  • Massage Oil or Cream: I know this seems the same as the Belly Butter but it’s not. The oil is more for soothing rather than helping with stretch marks. And any bit of relief from aches and pains can be so helpful.
  • Snacks: With how hungry I’ve been, I don’t think I’d turn my nose up at anything lately! Ha! So buy two of your favorite snack and give one to your pregnant bestie (obviously keep the other one for yourself). Sweet treats are usually what come to my mind first, but there are tons of healthy snacks available too. Think Babybel cheeses with some crackers, a bag of Cuties, Veggie Straws or some popcorn (BoomChickaPop is my personal fave).
  • Comfy Anything: Ha! I know, so specific! But really, getting comfortable is an everyday struggle. So pick up some comfy socks or slippers, a nice plush robe or something maternity specific and you are good to go. I feel like comfy pants are my current struggle, but just yesterday I put on a pair of leggings (similar found here-they are NOT maternity leggings-just one size fits all) and they were SO comfortable! I know of a store downtown here that sells something similar and I’ve got plans to go pick up a couple more pairs (the fact that they aren’t labeled maternity makes them cheap too!).



Items Over $20

  • Pregnancy Pillow: I’d always thought pregnancy pillows were super expensive until I actually used one. Now I see the $60 price tag and I think, “What a bargain!” Because, seriously, a pregnancy pillow can change a pregnant lady’s life.
  • Comfortable Shoes: With my back hurting this time around, a pair of comfortable shoes has been key to minimizing the pain. I think there are tons of options out there but my current favorite has been my pair of Nike Frees. Truthfully, Nike has never been my go-to workout shoe (and I wouldn’t use them for running). But I was given a pair a couple of years ago and it was only recently that I started wearing them whenever we go out walking. And they’re so comfortable that the end of the day will come and I’ll realize I never took them off, I love them so.
  • Clothes/Gift Card: How grateful am I (please, how grateful is everyone) that baggy, ugly maternity clothes are a thing of the past! And now there are all sorts of boutiques that deal solely in maternity clothes. Craziness! I think any pregnant lady would love a gift card to one of these places (I personally want everything at Pink Blush). But if you think you know your friend’s style, I don’t think you’d go wrong just picking out something you know she’d love, especially if it’s seasonal, like this cute maternity sweater (at least, I think it’s cute:). If it’s a first pregnancy, or your friend is just really good at documenting her pregnancy, this countdown shirt is another cute, fun option for gifting.
  • Personalized Beauty Box: So I wouldn’t be the best person to give this gift, but I would be so excited to get this box from anyone who knows more about beauty products than I do (which is exactly everyone:). Just fill a box or basket with a handful of your faves (whether it’s nail polish, face wash, lipstick…whatever!). My makeup routine has always been pretty minimal, but when I’m pregnant I become a lot more thorough. There’s just something about taking extra time on the things I CAN control since so much of my appearance these days are things I can’t control.
  • Downtime Activities: Being pregnant doesn’t take away the fact that I still have lots to get done in the day. However, I need times to just SIT and relax. So start thinking of your favorite things that promote sitting and relaxing and you’ve got a gift that’s guaranteed to be a hit with your preggo pal. Some ideas to get your gears turning: *An adult coloring book with colored pencils *Your favorite “fluff” book along with a mug and some hot cocoa mix or a tumbler and ingredients for Dirty Diet Coke (if she’s drinking caffeine; some True Lemon packets if she’s not) *a movie and some popcorn *Gift Card to a favorite restaurant so she doesn’t have to cook

One thought on “Five Things Friday: Pregnancy Gift Guide

  1. Leggings while pregnant are LIFE. They weren’t a thing until I was pregnant with Oak and I got converted reeeeal fast after I bought my first pair. I haven’t worn real pants since #kiddingnotkidding


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