Sequin Heart Pillow

I was going to ask if you guys have seen reversible sequins but then I realized what a dumb question that is. If you’ve gone into pretty much any store in the last few months you are bound to have seen the stuff. And since it is everywhere, we have to assume that everyone (okay, every preteen girl) loves it as much as I do.


But did you know that you can buy reversible sequin fabric???

Yes, you can, and it might just be my favorite thing ever.

I bought a little of it awhile ago, and finally decided that a heart pillow would be the perfect way to use it.



I just did the sequins for the front. No matter what I say or do, in Ben’s eyes a pillow is a pillow. There’s no such thing as a “decorative” pillow. Luckily, I found the perfect fabric to use for the back: a white “Luxe Fleece” with gold speckles (although I was reeeeeeaaaallllly close to getting this fabulous pink velvet for the back), so that it can still fulfill its destiny of comfortably cradling someone’s head.


I really need to make more pillows because they are the easiest thing ever.

I always put it off because there’s like 3 inches of hand sewing and I always dread doing it. But it never takes more than 5 minutes so I need to just suck it up and crank out some more pillows.


Because pillows are a SUPER easy way to be a little more festive and fun for not a bad price. I probably spent about $15 on the fabric, but I could easily make at least 2 more pillows with what’s left over. After that, I just had to stuff it (over a year ago, I bought 10 pounds of polyfil on Amazon for only $20 (you can find the same deal at Walmart, often in stores as well). I’ve used it for numerous projects and still probably have almost half the box. It was such a good buy-if you’re into crafting at all, I highly recommend getting the big box because it’s sooooo much cheaper that way and it lasts forever!).

Anyhow, DIY pillows for the win!


And this picture didn’t even require any coercion.

One thought on “Sequin Heart Pillow

  1. Hear! Hear! for more pillows! They really are the easiest craft ever, but, like you, I’ll put them off for MONTHS to avoid those five little hand-stitches. haha!

    Seriously, though, this is adorable!


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