5 Things Friday: Favorite Baby Items 12-18 Months

These posts always take a bit of brainstorming and I think it’s just because lots of my favorite things are used so routinely that I don’t stop to think how useful they are! Here’s my five favorite things from the past six months:


  • Gap/Old Navy Socks: We’ve been really lucky with Wendy’s wardrobe in that she has a several cousins/friends/neighbors who’ve given her their old clothes so we’ve rarely had to buy anything (seriously it’s been so nice…especially since we are definitely getting our use of them with baby girl #2). Anyway, we were given many pairs of socks but it didn’t take long for me to zero in on the ones from Gap. They are thick and well made and actually stay on the baby’s foot! Miracles! Ha! When Wendy grew out of the ones we were given, I was looking into buying more. I realized that (since Gap and Old Navy are affiliated) the Old Navy socks are the exact same and, if you watch, you can get them for waaaaaay cheap on clearance. They are THE BEST and awesome for any size!
  • Fisher-Price Sit, Stride & Ride Lion: I’ve heard different things about whether or not baby walkers actually help a baby to learn how to walk, but in Wendy’s case I really think having a walker is what finally got her walking on her own (obviously, I don’t attribute all the credit to the Lion, but I think it helped with that final push). It aided her walking when she was still a little tipsy but she’s still loving it. This particular walker has a TON of different phrases and songs (so you still get obnoxious stuff stuck in your head, but at least you get a variety of obnoxious stuff;) and Wendy has yet to get sick of it. I will say you have to adjust it to switch from riding to walking and that’s kind of annoying, but other than that it’s been a hit!
  • North Face Jacket: Like I said, we’ve rarely had to buy Wendy’s clothes and as a result, most of our favorite clothing items have been given to us. One such item is our North Face coat. It’s size is 3 months but Wendy is still wearing it-ha! And even if your babies grow faster than Wendy, I think they purposefully run big so that you can get more wear out of your coat. This particular coat is reversible and the quality is awesome. If you live where it gets cold, I’d highly recommend something similar, just because you can trust the brand is keeping your baby warm. When Wendy wears hers I know that she’s either a good temperature or too hot which is awesome for someone like me who insists we go for a walk even if it’s snowing. (I’ve seen North Face Jackets at Ross for half price!)
  • Munchkin Weighted Flexi Straw Trainer Cup: Munchkin, can you do no wrong? Everything I’ve bought from them is great quality and totally ingenious. This particular cup has a straw with a weight at the bottom, so no matter which way baby tilts the cup, the weight will fall where the liquid is and baby can drink. So smart! This is definitely not a “need” item but Wendy loves it. And when Ben is downing a beverage and Wendy wants NEEDS a sip, we just fill this guy with water and she feels like she’s getting the real deal, cause, hey! she has a straw too!
  • Kid’s Folding Camp Chair: I’d love to have one of those nice little toddler chairs that looks like a miniature recliner someday, but being on a budget and with limited space, we bought Wendy a folding camp chair at Walmart for like 6 dollars. And it is a HUGE hit. She loves having her own spot to sit. Plus the little cup holder is basically the coolest thing ever in the eyes of 1 year old.

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