WIP Wednesday +an update

Well we had a crazy weekend. In case you missed, a town close to us experienced a 7.0 earthquake on Friday morning. Where we live, the quake was a 6.7. We lost electricity and had things fall off counters and out of cupboards but none of us were hurt. In fact, there have been minimal injuries, no deaths, and while there has been quite a lot of damage to buildings, no buildings actually fell during the quake. We, our community, has been very blessed and everyone has responded so quickly. Our power was back on within 4 or 5 hours. And one of the roads that had been badly broken has already been completely fixed.

We’re still feeling aftershocks and experts say those can continue for weeks after a big quake so that’s been an exciting, terrifying thing to live with. Ben’s school had enough damage done that he’s home for this week, which has been a huge blessing. I could say a lot more about the earthquake but that’s kind of (understandably) been all anyone here is talking about…and I’d very much enjoy a break.

So instead of regaling you with a play by play of the earthquake…here’s some of the stuff I’ve been working on! When I was a kid, I would check out a big ol’ stack of books and I’d be so excited about all my books that I’d read a couple chapters of one and then start reading another one. It was common for me to be reading 3 or 4 books at the same time. Turns out my sewing is very much the same. It seems I’ve always got a handful of projects going on at any given time. In fact, lots of the projects I had completely forgetten about.


Seeing all the crap that’s fallen off your shelves after having an earthquake sure makes you think, “Why do I have all this stuff?” So I’ve been going through boxes and getting rid of stuff we don’t need or use and one thing I uncovered was this hand embroidery I had started. I hardly even remember working on it. But I kind of love it so I’ll have to finish it soon!


Here’s another one I started after Wendy was born. I really like it…but there’s enough I want to change on it, that I think instead of finishing it, I’m going to re-do it. Do you guys hand embroider? I only recently learned how to do those roses and they are so easy and so cute they make me want to embroider all the things!


I finally finally got my La Passacaglia out again (since before Greta was born-yikes!). After pulling it out and laying out all the pieces and staring at fabric, I was still having such a hard time getting going! I’ve realized a lot of my rosettes are so same-ish. So I’ve tried to branch out and use fabrics I haven’t used much, and I think it’s going well. I’ve seen some La Passacaglias that are only one color and I think that’d be so hard to do! I’m using a bunch of colors and I still struggle to have variety! This one was the first rosette I finished since pulling my Passa out again and Ben told me that it looks a lot different than my other ones. I’m going to take that as a good sign:)


After Thanksgiving, I took advantage of some sales at Joann’s and got fabric for Christmas pajamas! We’ve been missing Arizona, so I thought the saguaro knit was appropriate. And I couldn’t get over the sparkly rib knit for cuffs and waistbands! Sometimes I think my skills are a lot broader than they actually are. I bought some navy flecked knit to make some pants for Ben and I but I’ve been too nervous to even get started! I know being pajama pants it’d be pretty hard to mess them up…but I just want to make some pants I actually want to wear…you know? I guess my skills won’t improve by doing nothing…wish me luck!

And hey, I totally forgot I was going to share this picture Ben took of one of the roads that was broken up by the earthquake. Bonus for you for making it to the end (if that’s your idea of a bonus;)!


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