About Me!


Hi, there!

My name’s Kim and this is my little space where I contribute to the stuff you find on the internet! I’m married to my best friend–Ben–who makes me laugh every single day. I’m a stay at home mama (the best job I’ve ever had) to two sweet little girlies. We’ve done lots of moving around but we are currently living in Flagstaff, Arizona-a place we’ve really come to love.

When I started this blog, I had the intention to turn it into a place where I shared recipes and thoughts on food and healthy(ish) eating. But since then I’ve realized that as much as I love cooking and eating, I love sewing even more. My mom has been a huge influence in my life in the world of sewing and I’ve learned a lot of sewing skills from her. I’m still learning so much about sewing and fabrics and patterns. It’s addictive stuff!

I’ve been around sewing pretty much my whole life. The first time I remember sewing anything on the machine was when I was 14 (it was hand embroidered nativity figures turned into teeny pillows). Since then I’ve dabbled in pretty much everything sewing related including clothes, quilts and home decor. At the beginning of 2019, sewing started meaning a lot more to me when it brought light into my life in the dark, cold Alaskan winter (where we were living at the time). Since then, I’ve embraced this passion of mine and let it have space in my life because I truly love it and know that it brings me peace and joy.

My goal is to continue learning about sewing and about pattern making and to share what I learn on here.

In addition to sewing, you may come across posts about traveling, reading, cooking and probably more information than you care to know about my family. Thanks for stopping by!