About Me!

Hi, there! I’m Kim and I’m glad you’re here!

I can’t even remember when I first started sewing because I just grew up surrounded by it. When I was really little my mom and grandma were always sewing up matching clothes for my siblings or cousins. When I was 10ish my parents converted the master bedroom in our house into a sewing/quilting space for my mom so she could start her own quilting business. I never once remember a time when my mom told me I couldn’t use her space/machines. She had (and still has!) a “what’s mine is yours” kind of attitude about her sewing stuff, so any time I had an idea I would help myself to some fabric and have at it!

I never got into sewing any one thing, but rather I sewed all the things: clothes, decor, quilts– I tried a little bit of everything! I didn’t spend a ton of time sewing, but I enjoyed it when I did. In January 2019, I sewed my first indie pattern and I loved every second of the process. I know it sounds cheesy and maybe a little dramatic but that winter was very difficult and sewing that pattern (it was the Chalk and Notch Fringe dress:) brought me so much joy and light. I knew I had found something I wanted to keep in my life!

Since then I’ve spent countless hours sewing. I mostly sew clothes but I definitely still dabble like I did before. I’m a stay at home mom and I love that sewing gives me a space to do something I love that’s for me, to learn and to stretch my abilities, and also to clothe myself. I’m still learning so much! I’m so grateful for this fulfilling hobby.

Sewing aside, I have a husband and three kiddos, and a dog. We live in beautiful northern Arizona (where we have cactuses and pine trees, hence the name of the blog). Together, we love adventuring, exploring new places, trying different foods and spending time outside. Personally, I enjoy running and reading and also eating ice cream.

Because I like you, here’s a terrible picture of the first article of clothing I made:

Thankfully, I’ve since made better (better clothing and better hair choices).