MMM Garment Story: Fulton Sweater Blazer

Happy Me Made May, everyone! Between CoVid, pregnancy and a very strange postpartum/nursing period, I haven't participated in--or even thought about--Me Made May in years! I'm excited to once again participate! For those who don't know, Me Made May is a maker's challenge where people are encouraged to wear/use their me-mades in innovative and mindful … Continue reading MMM Garment Story: Fulton Sweater Blazer

The Brooks Jeans

Buckle up for some unflattering photos! Unfortunately, this pattern didn't work out for me at all! The pattern didn't mesh well with my body, the fabric I used wasn't great and even I myself got in the way by making some questionable judgment calls. In any case, I'm really sad it didn't work out. I … Continue reading The Brooks Jeans