Beach Find (!!!!!)

Before I tell you guys about my suh-weet beach find, let me tell you about my super obnoxious dumb blonde moment (ha! I must really love you guys!).

First, let me preface this by saying that before coming out to the bush, I was working for almost 2 years as a teller at the best place to work in Idaho (literally!), Idaho Central Credit Union. It was an awesome job.

So, just keep that in mind.

Anyhow…a few days ago, a handful of the kids and I were doing our work (mostly) but we were also looking out the window and thoroughly enjoying the sunshine. As we were trying to soak up some rays, the kids started pointing at things outside and telling me about their little town.

One kid pointed out the window and said, “That’s my grandpa’s house!”

“Cool,” I replied. “Which one is it?”

He pointed again and said, “It’s that one kind of at the top of the hill. By the bank.”

Whaaaaaa?! Bank?!?

“You guys have a bank here?” How had I not known this???

“Oh yeah,” he said excitedly (I think he could tell that I was impressed), “Right there by my grandpa’s house. Next to the rock slide.”

That’s when I paused. Rock slide. Land. Earth. Water. Wait a second….

Womp, womp!

Total dummy moment.

Oh well.

Anyhow, back to the beach…



I pretty much con Ben into going on a walk with me everyday. I tell him the dog needs it (ha! Except I’m pretty sure that he’s caught on that I need it more:). And most days we walk on the beach. And I probably don’t need to say this, but I always vote for the beach because it is soooooooooo beautiful! Oh, it is just gorgeous! And it’s unlike any other beach I’ve been on. Very unique and quiet and serene.

So…we were on our daily beach walk, just chatting, when we both stopped and gasped  …


See that ball that I’m holding? It’s a Japanese glass float!!!!!


Not kidding you, seeing it was pretty much the most magical moment ever!!!! (Can you tell that by all the exclamation points I’ve used?)

So, apparently, in the mid 1800s, fisherman started using glass floats to keep their fishing nets afloat, mainly in Japan. The glass is hand blown and the floats can be found in several different colors and sizes. By the 1940s, they stopped making glass floats in lieu of wood ones…but thousands of floats were left floating around in the ocean and turning up on the beach occasionally.

Photo courtesy Ben Brown

Pilot Point doesn’t see as many floats as it once did-I think one shows up every few months. But Port Heiden (a town that’s just a hop, skip and a jump down the bay) still gets tons! One of the teachers over there has 500!

Ben found one when he was here before Christmas, and I was super stoked to get my own! Just think-that little guy is probably over 70 years old! Just hanging out in the ocean all this time!


Unfortunately, though, it has given me glass float fever! I want all the glass floats!!!!!

But I guess I just have to remember that you can’t win them all.

Unless you live in Port Heiden.

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