She’s Here!

****shameless amounts of pictures up in here…****

First family picture, the morning after she was born.

Baby Girl Brown is here!!! I was pretty patient with the waiting until about a week before her due date. When she still wasn’t here on her due date, I basically decided that she was never going to come. But she did come (ha! Imagine that!)! She came one day after her due date on Wednesday, October 26th at 11:03 p.m. She weighed 6 pounds 14 ounces. The hospital measured her at 20 inches buuuuuut she was re-measured at her first doctor’s appointment and they said 18.5 inches. Which, let’s be real, makes a lot more sense;)


At the hospital, Ben kept calling her “baby fresh” to which a nurse said, “Oh, is her name ‘Fresh?'” Which just goes to show that people are naming their kids whatever the heck they want these days…;)

After her first bath at the hospital. She was not a fan.
See how much hair she had on that head of hers when she was born???
She must dream of angels because she is always smiling and even laughing in her sleep. And it kinda makes me want to melt.
Cousin Yvonne came to meet her. We said, “Want to give her a kiss?” So Yvonne did give her a kiss-smack dab on the lips!
Ben with our Teenies. How does Jaeger seem gigantic to me now??

But, no…her name’s not Fresh…although she is fresh…


We named her Wendy Clara.

Wendy’s first major adventure: The Grand Canyon.
What would I have done without these ladies? Mom, Heather and Yvonne made it so I didn’t have to lift a finger the whole first week we were home.

We had our ultrasound at 19 weeks. We found out we were having a girl and as I lay there in the exam room, I thought, “I wonder what her name will be…” But immediately after that thought came this thought: “No, her name is Wendy.”


When we left the appointment, I asked Ben what names he was considering now that we knew it was a girl. And he said, “I don’t know, I just feel like her name is Wendy.”


The middle name was a lot harder to decide on. But we went with Clara as it honors 2 of our ancestors: Ben’s great grandpa Claire Moses Farnsworth, and my great-great grandmother Clara Rabus.

Grandma Lifferth made this gorgeous quilt.
Snuggles with Grandma Brown.

We’ve had so much love sent our way.


I mean, Ben absolutely flooded instagram direct with pictures and no one even complained about it (thanks, family!).


But seriously. Our baby is loved and I love that.

She loves being on her tummy.
Ben and I slowly figuring out the whole parenting thing. Teamwork.


Teeny toes.




3 thoughts on “She’s Here!

  1. Long time no comment! Congratulations, Family Brown. She is absolutely beautiful and we are incredibly happy for you and your family.

    So, does she get up at night to use the potty frequently? 💩

    I was just curious.


  2. ahhhh, I could just eat her right up! It’s killing me that I can’t be there to snuggle her. Darn all these other kids holding me back!


  3. Kim!!! I have been waiting for this post!! But I’m glad you spent your time snuggling your precious little girl 🙂 she is adorable. Her eyes are especially incredible!!! Congrats!!!


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