5 Things Friday: Favorite Baby Items 6-12 months {plus some extras}

When I first started thinking of my favorite baby items that we’ve used over the past 6 months, I seriously thought that I would just be re-writing about the exact same things that I wrote in my last Favorite baby items post. But after doing some brainstorming, I realized that I had so many items, I wasn’t going to be able to narrow things down! As a result, you guys are getting a list that has a few things I couldn’t have lived without along with some things that I could have lived without but that were just so darn useful, I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to live without them.


  1. Ergo 360 Carrier: I’ve talked about our Ergo before (this is the only repeat item, I swear!) but I just love it so so so much that I HAD to put it on this list again. I use it every single day and Ben uses it occasionally as well. Wendy still rides kangaroo style on my front (I will remind you, though, that she is tiny and I’m not sure I’d carry her on the front if she weighed as much as the average 1 year old). I face her in if I want her to sleep but either way she faces she totally loves it too. It is a win-win-win product. We were given it as a gift, but now that I know how often we use it, I would have absolutely been willing to fork out the money myself. I love it so much, I’ve had dreams about it. True story.
  2. Cheap umbrella stroller: Our friends actually gave us their extra umbrella stroller and I had to wonder why one wasn’t in my life until then. Ours is very basic, and I know that you can buy nicer versions with perks like a carrying basket/cupholders/seat recliners etc. But I really do love the simplicity of just the straight up stroller. We use it when it’s hot, when we’re planning on being out for awhile (i.e. a trip to the zoo) or just when we go out for a walk but I don’t have the energy to carry Wendy in the Ergo. And it’s so packable. I throw it in the car whenever Wendy and I are heading out to do any shopping that won’t provide carts (like the mall). Love, love, love it.
  3. Baby Pouch Food: I know this one seems weird and let me just clarify that this is not a product I use on the reg. Having said that, these totally have their space as worthy-to-buy baby item. Especially when you do as much traveling as Ben and I. During the summer, we went on several trips to see friends and family. Transitioning a baby from milk to baby food and then from baby food to human food is a weird and long process that involves some doctor recommended rules. When we were at friends or families houses visiting and meals were served, most of the time there was something that Wendy could eat. Occasionally, though, there wasn’t really anything for whatever food stage Wendy was at (which was fine; we didn’t expect them to cater to our baby). And for those times (not to mention anytime she got hungry in the car), the food pouches were awesome to have on hand. They don’t need to be refrigerated. They fit easily in a diaper bag. They are no fuss and easy clean up (at least so far we haven’t had any exploding pouches). And Wendy absolutely loves them. I try to buy ones where the name of the mix is the exact same as the ingredient list (i.e. no added sugar or extra weirdo ingredients). We pretty much only use them for traveling but I do keep a couple in my diaper bag for emergency type situations. And now I apologize for saying so darn much about baby food pouches. Sorry.
  4. Pack-n-Play: Instead of a crib, we use a pack-n-play. Again, with all our traveling, it’s so handy to have a place for Wendy to sleep that can be easily taken down, packed up, and taken wherever we need to go. Ditto for the times when I desperately need to shower because it’s been like 5 days but I want to be able to keep an eye on the baby…wait…just me?
  5. Aquaphor: My sister recommended Aquaphor and I’m really glad she did. It’s kind of an all-in-one type thing. I think Wendy has particularly dry skin (like seriously, she was getting this very mild rash and we racked our brains trying to figure out what was causing it. We finally came to the conclusion that it was showing up on the days right after we bathed her) and the Aquaphor really helps it out. We also use it as a diaper cream. And there have been times where I put it on my cracking knuckles as well (Flagstaff is very dry). I’ve also used it when I couldn’t find the neosporin.
  6. Tommee Tippee Bibs: We’ve used a few different bibs and these ones are my favorite. They are made out of some sort of plastic or rubber which means that you rinse them off right in the sink. It’s not another thing you’ve got to add to your laundry pile. The other awesome thing is that it essentially forms a bowl, so when baby drops food, the bib catches it…most of it, anyway. I don’t even know why they sell other kinds of bibs because this one is the best.
  7. Munchkin 360 cup: This cup is pretty awesome. It has a rubber seal on the top of it and baby has to put her lips to it to “break” the seal and get water out. Which basically means that the cup can be thrown, tipped, turned upside down and it’s still not going to leak. I was worried that Wendy wouldn’t get how to use it, but she caught on really quick. She sees me drink from a cup that’s very similar to hers and I think she likes that. Plus, every time I mention she uses that to a doctor, they basically freak out because it’s so much better for baby than a sippy cup or a bottle (and then I shut my mouth really tight because Wendy uses a bottle way more often than she uses her cup…).
  8. Car Mirror: This mirror has been so handy to have, whether we are on a long trip to visit family, or a short trip to run to the grocery store. Especially when it’s just Wendy and I in the car, I love being able to see her and see what she’s doing. When she was a newborn, it was nice to be able to have a visual so I could get her binky in her mouth. And now that she’s older I mostly use it to see if she’s fallen asleep. And maybe to make sure we didn’t forget her because she’s so darn quiet sometimes (FYI: we haven’t forgotten her…yet;).
  9. Small Purse: This is like my mom hack for you guys (and let’s be real…I’m probably the only one who hadn’t figured it out by now). But my diaper bag is huge and it’s packed and heavy. It is ready for any situation so I take it whenever we go out but really all I normally need is a diaper, a few wipes and then stuff for me (keys, phone, money). I found the bag pictured at Old Navy for $1 so I bought it and then I realized that it could be my on-the-go diaper bag. So when Wendy and I go shopping, or when we go to places like the zoo (apparently, that’s all we ever do), we’ve got a small, easily carried bag that will prevent us from having to run to the car to change a diaper but that will also not break my back. I keep it in the car and fill it as needed. It’s been a dream to have and I just don’t even understand why I waited so long for this kind of set-up.

3 thoughts on “5 Things Friday: Favorite Baby Items 6-12 months {plus some extras}

  1. I need to get one of those smaller purses. For the most part my babes are out of the blowout/use blankets/nursing cover stage. But I guess I just need a purse big enough for two diapers! And I can’t really picture you frequenting the mall 🙂


  2. First of all, $1 purse?!?! I need to visit my old Navy more often. Aquaphor as a diaper cream huh? That’s very interesting! I should try it!


  3. Aquaphor is a lifesaver! Ezra had the WORST eczema when he was little (his food allergies just made it even worse) and that poor kid was slathered in aquaphor day and night!

    We’re also big umbrella stroller fans! I keep one in my car all the time and have it on hand where ever we go!


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