Toddler Dress: The Girl’s Fringe

Wendy has been needing a new dress for awhile now and after shopping around a bit, I decided just to make her one! Ben bought me the Fringe Dress pattern from Chalk and Notch for Christmas and shortly after they released the Girl’s version. I was super excited when I saw that the sizes run from 12 months to 12 years! I definitely have plans to make some twinning dresses for me and both my girls (I think for Easter!), but I  was glad to make a small one just for Wendy to kind of test the pattern out and get my bearings.


Honestly, I haven’t been sewing clothes for very long but there are several things I’m comfortable with. As a result I think I sometimes get to thinking I’m actually good at sewing (ha!) but sewing patterns is a good reminder to me that I am very much a beginner!


This particular pattern had a couple things I’d never done before-including a lining! I also busted out my never-been-used blind hemming foot to sew the hem. So the pattern was a challenge BUT the instructions were SO easy and thorough that I was never confused about what to do or how to do it.


I sewed Wendy’s dress in a 2T. In retrospect, I think I could’ve gotten away with sewing her an 18 month size, but this way we have room to grow! The fabric is a rayon from Joann’s.


I forgot to get a picture of the back when we were outside for thirty seconds taking pictures (and freezing our buns off!-which is why we were only out for thirty seconds) so here’s a close up of the back and you can get a better feel for the fabric. It’s very colorful and bright and I love it.


Here’s Wendy’s model pose! Haha! I love this girl!

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