Sewing Goals

I mentioned in one of my monthly update posts that I made an account just for sewing on Instagram and since opening that account I’ve been able to see just how huge the community of sewers is! There are so many talented sewers out there!

In lots of ways the account has not been a good thing for me…it seriously makes me want to sew all the things! But it is inspiring to see how talented people are and how so many people love sewing so much that they just go for it! I mean, there are literally people out there (like, a lot of people!) who sew their own jeans! What??? I’m still completely blown away by every pair of jeans I see. And while I don’t have any goals to sew my own jeans or to have a completely me-made wardrobe (another impressive feat of many Instagram Sewers), I do want to improve my sewing skills and add some fun garments to my wardrobe that I’m actually excited to wear!

In perusing I’ve come across so many cute patterns. Honestly, lots of them I know I wouldn’t actually wear so I just admire them from afar. But there are a handful that I’ve loved and spent some serious time contemplating fabric choices. Since my sewing budget and time I can dedicate toward sewing are limited, I know I have to be choosy about what projects I actually make happen. Currently, these are the projects I hope to complete some time this year:

  • The Fulton Sweater Blazer (Alina Design Co.): I actually couldn’t imagine this one in my life until I saw the knee length version paired with a dress and then I knew I needed it in my life. I might make a wearable muslin (to test size) in something more bright and fun, but I really want to make a knee length one in black!
  • The Brunswick Pullover (Hey June Handmade): When I first saw this pattern I could see myself wearing it every day of my life. Since then I’ve worried a bit more about the practicality of it (I love the cowl but I’ve never been wild for bulky cowls on myself), and I’ve had a hard time finding a fabric that I totally want to commit to, but I still think it’s really cute and if I can’t make it before the weather gets warmer (luckily we still have a few months…) then hopefully I’ll get it made before fall.
  • The Joy Jacket (Chalk and Notch): I don’t know exactly why but I love this jacket! It’s cute and looks simple enough to sew that it doesn’t scare me away. I love that you can make the lining something fun.
  • The Fringe Dress (Chalk and Notch): This dress comes in sizes for my babies too! Definitely going to have to make some twinning dresses for us…maybe for Easter:)
  • A top or two. While I don’t have a pattern in mind, I do want to make a couple of tops that I’ll (hopefully) actually wear.
  • A pattern made by me. I really do love learning more about patternmaking and I have such a fun time trying to figure out how to create a garment. I have a couple of ideas forming in my brain.

I think my number one goal is to improve my skills and my number two goal is to balance. I’ve always been the kind of person who gets going on a project and won’t stop (even to eat!) until I finish. Now that I have kids I really have to reevaluate my approach to projects and hopefully learn how to get sewing time in without it getting in the way of the time I should be focusing on my girls (especially because they don’t stay this little forever!).

Oh and I’m still working on my La Passa. Always working on my La Passa 🙂

Are there any sewing projects you’re hoping to work on or finish this year?

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