April 2019


  • Happy April! It’s hard for me to even remember what has happened this month but I think sometimes that’s a good thing. We celebrated Easter and that particular holiday is morphing into one of my favorites. I love springtime and I especially love what Easter represents. I have absolutely loved making dresses for us girls and a tie for Ben. As far as our more secular activities went, we had a bbq with my cousin and hid Easter eggs for the kids on the Saturday before Easter. There was snow on the ground but we still had a great time.


  • When I was growing up our Easter baskets or, as we got older, just a king sized candy bar, were always hidden by my dad. Since there are seven kids in my family, and to avoid hiding it in the same place twice, my dad got fairly elaborate with his hiding spots. The easier hiding places were in the piano or in a bowl that was in the cupboard. But there were times that he tied the candy bar to fishing line and hung it down a vent. Or cut a hole out of the phonebook to nestle the candy bar in its pages. We had to work for that candy. It was always such a fun tradition for my family and brought on so many laughs and good memories. Since getting married I’ve tried to implement the same tradition by hiding candy for Ben but he has not been very receptive (read: there might not be anything that makes him more angry than trying to find a bag of Reese’s on Easter morning). This year I didn’t hide Ben’s candy and guess what? The world kept turning. In fact, it kept turning AND Ben wasn’t grumpy. I guess I’m still learning how to compromise in this whole marriage thing.


  • Did any of you guys have postpartum hair loss? I’ve had it with both girls although it wasn’t something that was noticeable when I looked at myself but rather when I brushed my hair or showered and had fistfuls of hair to throw in the garbage. The excess hair loss is over but for the past several months I’ve been dealing with the regrowth and it is awful. I know it’s a shallow thing to be concerned about but I feel so self conscious. A significant amount of hair is regrowing around my neck which sticks out obnoxiously any time I wear my hair up (pretty much all the time) plus there’s regrowth at my part that cannot will not be tamed. I really hate it. If anyone has tips on how to manage this I’d be very grateful! In the meantime I’m just going to be over here counting down the days until my sister-in-law can work her magic and help me feel not quite so ridiculous.


  • Greta Jean, our big one year old, is learning and growing so fast I can hardly stand it. She’s understanding more, trying to talk more and it’s obvious she’s on the brink of some major growing. The other night she threw us for a total loop by staying up past 10 giggling and chipper and not fussy one bit. I still don’t quite know what happened. She loves playing and being together. Both the girls love it when Ben gets home from work but it’s especially fun to watch Greta crawl as fast as her little legs can go to greet him at the door.


  • Wendy cracks us up all the time with the things she says. The other morning she was with Ben as he got ready for work and Wendy told him in a very exasperated tone, “Mom say to me no more computer games! She say to me no more going to the library! Mom say to me no way!” I hadn’t even gotten out of bed yet, but whatever. She can be a bit naughty and maybe a bit rebellious but at least she makes me laugh through most of the naughtiness.


  • Our days are getting pretty long: right now the sun’s coming up before 6 and setting close to 10. It’s crazy. It’s still chilly most days but we have had a few days in the 50s and it’s amazing how that feels like t-shirt and shorts weather when you’re used to negative temperatures. We’re looking forward to much more sunshine as well as trying to get our fill of all the good stuff spring in Alaska has to offer.


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