Driftless Cardigan


Just to get this out there as soon as possible: I love this cardigan pattern. It is amaaaazing. It’s everything I could want in a cardigan. I have exciting plans for making another…for Ben!…and I was going to put off posting about it until after his was made. Buuuut as I’m trying to post more often, I figured that now is as good a time as any to share this make.

As always, I’m making and sharing something that is seasonally on the out and out. But I will say that when I finished this a month ago, I thought the weather would be such that it would be a year before the poor thing got any wear. Unfortunately and fortunately (depending on how you look at it) the weather has stayed chilly enough that this has gotten plenty of wears and will probably get at least a handful more before getting stored until cooler months come.


It’s funny to me how I can see a pattern made up 50 times and not have any interest in making it myself until I see the 51st version and it the version that is JUST RIGHT and makes me feel like I HAVE TO have the pattern ASAP! For me, when I saw this version from Sara on Instagram, it was THE version that changed the pattern for me. It hit all my wants in a comfy, cozy, pocketed cardigan. And I love the pockets! They are just interesting enough while adding to that slouchy, oversized look.

I chose rust colored fabric from So Sew English. It’s a Hacci Sweater knit that is super soft and fuzzy on the top. The bottom side of the fabric feels more structured and is not fuzzy, which made sewing with it much easier. I wanted rust specifically so I could pair this sweater with my Hinterland Dress. Blush and rust is a color pairing I have been really drawn to. Since rust isn’t really in season for us right now, it took quite a bit of researching to find some fabric in the right shade and for an affordable price. This one fit the bill and gave me the opportunity to try out a new fabric shop in the process.

Sewing this up took a lot less time than I had anticipated. It only took a couple of nap sessions (including cutting out the fabric) which I realize has no meaning to anyone who doesn’t have small children, but it was quick. There is a point in the instructions where it recommends some hand sewing. I, like many others who’ve made this, threw caution to the wind and just carefully sewed it on my sewing machine and I had no issues. Other reviewers have complained that the pockets don’t lie flat, but kind of gape open. I don’t think they gape open in any ridiculous sort of way and also I think that the cardigan is drafted to be oversized so I personally don’t find this offensive in the least. Slouchy comfort. What’s not to like?

I plan on making more of these for myself and I’ve had intentions to add buttons to this one at some point. As mentioned above, Ben requested one for himself the second he saw mine. My first attempt was a fail. The pattern is drafted for women and I think the style can work either way but I didn’t consider how men’s arms are often more muscular. So when Ben tried the cardigan on at the first opportunity, we realized that the arms were way too tight. So I got some more fabric and will try again, this time (hopefully!) giving his arms much more room to breathe. If it turns out, I’ll definitely share the process here!

Anyway, I’m glad to say that this has been a great addition not only to my wardrobe but also my pattern library as I plan to make it many more times (always a good thing and especially so when the pattern is on the pricier side).

The envisioned combo that made me want the cardigan in the first place. This makes the cardigan look darker than it actually is. The first pictures are much more accurate.

Pattern: Driftless Cardigan by Grainline Studio
Size: I made a straight size 6
Adjustments: I cut about 3 inches off the sleeve after trying it on and before I put on the cuff. It was maybe a little too much but I definitely prefer sleeves that don’t extend past my wrist.
Fabric: Hacci sweater knit from So Sew English
Cost: Pattern $16; Fabric 2 yards (on sale) $12
Would I make this pattern again: Definitely 🙂

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