Another Freebie: Lowland’s Women Baggy Tee

Oh man, guys, I have like 7 different things ready to be blogged about, but I’ve just been slacking. I’ve noticed that if I don’t write for a long time, I feel suuuuuper rusty. I’ll sit down and be in front of the computer for a solid hour without writing anything that I feel like posting. So I do hope to get those posts out into the universe eventually…and meanwhile I thought I’d share something just super basic and non-fussy:

The Lowland Women’s Baggy V Neck Tee (obviously mine is not a V Neck). I feel a bit like the stars aligned that I even became privy to the existence of this pattern. I happened to come across one tester photo on Instagram. I had never heard of Lowland Kids Patterns before and, since this is a new pattern, I had never seen anyone wearing it. But it was exactly the kind of pattern I had been dreaming about AND IT’S FREE! Yay!!! Some of the best words ever spoken. Also a quick note that they have a kid version of this same baggy V, cute for girls or boys, and it is also free 🙂

So let me tell you why I was so drawn to this pattern. First and probably most important of all is the dropped shoulder feature. If you recall my Stellan Tee, you’ll remember that that shirt also includes a dropped shoulder, BUT this dropped shoulder is more dramatic which gives it a more lounge-y/casual vibe. While the Stellan is designed specifically for high-waisted pants, I think this baggy tee goes well with everything from high-waisted jeans to sweatpants.

My fabric is from Hobby Lobby. It’s some sort of cotton/poly blend. I only got a yard of it, and luckily it just took a teeny tiny bit of maneuvering to cut out a size medium. The fabric requirements listed on the pattern seemed a bit much to me, but next time I’d probably get a yard and a quarter just to be sure I could fit it all.

As I’m sure you noticed, I chose to round out the V on the neck for a crew neck style instead. I think I just mostly felt like the fabric would look better with a rounded neckline instead of V so I went for it. For the neckband piece, I cut out the pattern piece like usual, but once my front and back pieces were sewn together, I measured around the neckline and multiplied that number by .85, which will give you the necessary length of your neckband piece (plus a little extra for seam allowance). I trimmed my neckband down to that size and sewed it on. When I started sewing clothes, neckbands were always where I struggled. Now that I’ve done a handful of V-necks, doing a round neckband is comparatively so much easier so I very much enjoyed how quick this neckband was completed.

I actually used the same topstitching thread that I used on my Ginger Jeans to sew my hems and around the neckline on this shirt. It doesn’t match exactly but I think it’s close enough.

So. I’ve talked about the things I love about this shirt and there were some very minor things that I’ll change the next time I make it. First, it’s a little bit too long for me. I usually appreciate a long shirt, but next time I do think I’ll take out an inch or so from the length. I also was surprised at how not baggy the actual bodice part of the shirt is. It’s…slightly baggy…but not very. I honestly think that adjusting the length might fix this problem and if it doesn’t then I’ll probably just go up a size the next time I make it. Luckily it’s a tee shirt so fit isn’t as important a factor and I know I’ll be wearing this shirt-too long length and all-again and again, regardless.

Pattern: Lowland Kids Women’s Baggy V Neck Tee
Size: Medium
Adjustments: Rounded out the neckline to make a crew neck
Fabric: Cotton/poly knit blend from Hobby Lobby
Cost: Pattern is FREE and Fabric cost about $8
Would I make this pattern again:Definitely. Very fast, comfortable and cute. Next time maybe I’ll do some color blocking 🙂

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