Hudson Pants in Performance Knit

About a month into Co-Vid life, I really felt a strong need to get myself a great quarantine outfit. And I wasn’t talking super cute and fashion forward. No, I was talking maximum comfort and practicality. I just wanted some solid at-home lounge wear.

I also have been really tempted to try out some True Bias Hudson Pants using an athletic/swim wear fabric. And as soon as the weather turned hot, I figured it was a great time to try it out. My hypothesis was that a swimwear fabric would feel pretty cool (you know, temperature-wise) especially since the pattern is more loose fitting.

And my hypothesis was correct! These babies do feel pretty cool all the time. I guess I haven’t worn them out in the heat of the day, but I have worn them on some toasty evening walks. There’s always just a bit of air flow (if you’re moving about) which keeps the fabric cool to the touch which feels really nice against your skin! I really love these pants and they have been great for lounging and for taking walks in our neighborhood.

When I got the idea, I started looking for some plain black athletic wear knit. I just couldn’t find anything that was at a price that I wanted. But I did end up stumbling on to LA Finch Fabrics’ website just an hour or two after they launched a huge end of bolt sale. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I LOVE LA Finch Fabrics! They have amazing sales and they stock great, quality fabrics. Plus it seems to me that I’m always getting a generous cut or they are adding a freebie to my bag. They are great. Anyhow, their sale had 2 3/8 yd of this Famous Maker Bohemian Morro Performance and Swim Knit for only $15! I snagged it up with these pants in mind. They aren’t quite as neutral as I had been hoping (I’ve still got my eye out for some black performance knit, and when I find it, I think I’m going to make the calf-length Hudsons) but I do love their Boho vibe. Plus, I have enough extra that I’m sure I can get a swimsuit out of it. Sweet!

I was going to also use this post to talk about the shirt I’m wearing in these pictures, which is HeyJune Handmade’s Union St. Tee but my computer is giving me issues, so Imma call it a day and I’ll talk about my Union St. Tees some other time (for the record, I love them!).

I love wearing these pants. I didn’t make any alterations to the pattern (except shortening them…maybe by 1/2 inch?), but the next time I make a pair out of the athletic knit, I will probably size down one. Otherwise, they are great!

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