Hacked Union St. Tee (Puff Banded Sleeve)

I don’t have a ton to say about this top but I really wanted to share because I’ve been loving mine. I happened onto the Hey June blog a bit ago and saw that they had a couple tutorials-one to add a puff sleeve and one to add a band to that puff sleeve-for your favorite t-shirt pattern. They are both such cute changes. They are subtle additions but I think they impact the look of a tee in a really big way. Put together+ultimate comfort=puff sleeve tee.

I knew it was a tutorial for me! The Union St. Tee has become a favorite pattern of mine, although you could certainly use this technique of adding fullness to your sleeves for any pattern.

I won’t share any instructions here because Adrianna explains everything very well in both tutorials, but I will say that it is a very easy hack and hardly took any time at all. The entire project took me just under two hours and that included altering my pattern piece and cutting out fabric. It was a breeze. The most involved part is gathering those sleeves, which is next to no trouble at all. Plus you only have to hem at the waistband which speeds things up.

For my fabric, I used this rayon jersey knit that I got from Fabric.com. It was less than $8/yd when I bought it, so that’s a great price for a cute tee. A couple months ago, I ordered some fabric from them for the first time ever. I was a little nervous but I was pleasantly surprised. Their selection is gigantic and everything seemed to be priced appropriately. Plus they have a lot of brands that are difficult to find elsewhere (like Art Gallery). Anyway, this fabric is really soft. It’s more lightweight than what Adrianna used for hers but I don’t think that was a problem at all. I ordered 1 yard of it and had no trouble getting a size medium out of that amount of fabric (although I did shorten the bodice by 2 inches…I think it was 2 inches, anyway).

This was a great project for me (sometimes a gal just needs an easy win, right??) and I love my new top! I wore it to a small get together and everyone was so impressed I had made it (I did not tell them that I had also made my jeans;). It’s my perfect balance of being comfortable but not feeling frumpy in the slightest. Hooray for Hey June!

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