Simplicity 9337: Loungewear

You never thought I’d depart from my beloved Hudson pants pattern, did you?

Well, neither did I!

A few months ago, as I was browsing my Joann mailer, I saw what had up to that point been my white whale-something I’d heard of but never actually seen-a massive sale on Simplicity and Butterick patterns. Like, for a dollar or two a pop. As someone who’s gotten pretty used to paying $10-$16 dollars per pattern this seemed like highway robbery, but legal so I was in. Pre-kids me would’ve leisurely meandered to the store on the day of the sale and casually browsed the catalogs looking for patterns that appealed. But ain’t nobody got time for that these days. So I browsed their online catalog as well as looked up some bloggers I follow who mainly use big 4 patterns and started making a list.

I’ve discovered that these sales actually are a regular occurrence, as I’d often heard but never until now believed. You just have to watch their ads and go on the right day. They also rotate in McCalls and Vogue as well (the Vogue patterns cost slightly more money). So I’ve kept a running list of Big 4 patterns that I like and when there’s a sale, I’ve gone to stock up. Obviously, I have patterns coming out my ears now, so I’ll probably hit pause on the pattern scramble for a bit.

I used to eschew the Big 4 pattern companies. I’d tried them a couple of times and always had lackluster results not to mention the fumbled sewing that went along with it. But I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with sewing and with sewing terminology, so tackling a Big 4 pattern isn’t the stretch it used to be. And I largely have Indie pattern companies and their hand-holding ways to thank for that (I’m not being facetious; seriously, thank you!). It’s been nice to broaden the pool from which I can collect patterns!

Anyway, I was doing this pattern haul before Christmas and the two patterns pictured above stuck out to me as great options for my annual family Christmas pajamas. I realize this pattern is very similar to the Hudson pattern; they are both knit joggers after all. But they do have a couple of differences which are worth noting. First, and most obviously, the patch pockets and second, the waistband is flat, not gathered. Plus it includes a top pattern and even though I already have a favorite knit top t-shirt pattern, you can bet that I’ll try a dozen or two more when given the opportunity. Plus, the pattern was a dollar so, you know.

I got the fabric from Joann’s and honestly it is not my favorite fabric, but I was attracted the array of colors. Plus accessibility when things are getting a little too close to Christmas (some years I am way on top of things. This year was not one of those years). I had to buy stuff for and make pajamas for five people. FIVE!!! I was about halfway through making, thinking I was good on time when I remembered that I had to make pajamas for the baby too! I had remembered to buy fabric for him…just temporarily forgotten the actual making of the jammies. Not that he cares either way, but he did get pajamas on Christmas Eve like everyone else in the family.

Gosh, I am getting on a lot of tangents. The FABRIC. The fabric is some sort of polyester knit. It might have cotton. It probably has a bit of spandex. I cannot find it on the Joann website, despite looking several times and I often forget to look at those details when shopping in store. In any case, the fabric is thicker. It has stretch but not a ton. I got way more fabric than I needed but I’m happily donating all the extra because I found the fabric to just be meh.

Constructing the pants (and I did make Ben the same pair but in orange) was pretty easy. Patch pockets always make me a little nervous, but I think the fact that we are dealing with straight lines here made things go smoothly. They turned out much better than expected, on both pairs.

The waistband was in two parts, rather than on the fold, which wasn’t a big deal. Also, I have to admit that I didn’t realize the waistband was drafted to be flat, so when I went to try on the pants, I had all sorts of internal struggles about the fact the elastic wasn’t necessary to keep the pants on my hips. But I didn’t need to worry-that’s how the design was intended. I wore the pants a few times without putting in the elastic (it was a statement), but then I realized the non-gathers is intentional and that my pants easily fell down if I put my phone in my pocket. So I rectified that and inserted the elastic, although I guess things were still a bit heated as I chose to sew together three pieces of elastic rather than going to the store and buying more (we can also blame this on the fact that I typically use and stock 2 inch elastic and this called for inch and a half). My pants are staying up much better these days, thanks.

I also made the accompanying top! And I hated it! I do think I could love it if I made it in a something drapier and I may have to lower the neckline. I really do like the top on the pattern cover, so I think I will try making it some other time!

You might notice threads coming off the sleeves. I didn’t even hem because I knew I would never wear the shirt. But I do have to say that I very recently came into the light on the fact that matching loungewear sets are all the rage right now. Who knew?! I mean, obviously everybody but not me! I’m way behind on the “in” scene. Maybe if I had noticed this trend sooner, I would have been keener on keeping the shirt. But then again, I really hated it so probably not.

Anyway, the joggers have been a success! I love and wear mine often. I only altered for length and I’d say the fit is pretty spot on. The length in particular is near perfect for me. And I love the color. I’d love to try making it in something more lightweight and with more drape, as is represented in the pattern’s cover.

Pattern: Simplicity 9337
Size: M (for the top and pants)
Adjustments: Removing 3.5 inches of length on the pants
Fabric: Some sort of polyester knit
Cost: I can’t remember (sorry!)
Would I make this pattern again?: Yes! In fact, I hope to!

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