Our House Here in the Bush

Here’s a tour of our house for anyone who’s curious!

Now, I think it used to be a thing in the bush that teachers didn’t have to pay for their housing. And that’s not really the case any more…at least not anywhere I’ve seen. We do pay rent, but it’s a pretty good deal and we don’t have to pay utilities (which is good because it seems our thermostat doesn’t really respond…).

There are three places for teachers to live here in PIP.




The biggest building in the above picture is the school. The building directly in front of the school has 2 apartments. One is a 2 bedroom (which I’ve never seen inside), and the other is a teeny one bedroom (that’s where Ben lived when he was out here before Christmas!). The one bedroom is mostly just used for people visiting from the school district (i.e. The principal, maintenance workers, tech people, etc.). We live in the house to the right.

Our house is a four bedroom/2 bathroom. Ben and I seem to have a tendency to live in places that are much bigger than our needs and we’ve become very good at spreading out (ha!). This particular house used to be a duplex but some time ago they morphed it into one unit…but the duplex roots are pretty obvious in the layout of the house.

The very first room you walk into is a mud room of sorts with a coat rack, dresser and a big stand-up freezer. I opted not to take a picture of that room because Ben is currently drying his pelts from trapping and I know not everyone is down with checking out crusty fox flesh…so just imagine it best you can and then we’ll walk in the front door…


And right when you walk in, you can pretty much see the whole house. To the left is the family/living room. With a lovely, chunky, old tv! We’ve used it like…twice!



Two of the bedrooms are on this side of the house. When we first moved in, we claimed this bedroom as the one to sleep in (only two of the bedrooms have full sized beds and one bedroom has a twin). So we unpacked all of our stuff here. But after like 2 weeks of this room we swapped to the room on the other side of the house. The house is very unevenly heated and in this bedroom we roasted! The other bedroom has been much less sweat-inducing!


Here’s the smaller bathroom.


And this is the last bedroom that has no bed. We put food storage here and then I shamelessly claimed the rest of the room for sewing.


Here’s our laundry room.


Now going back to the front door, this is what you see if you look to the right. I hope everyone who’s reading this has a Benjamin to make them pancakes for breakfast and a Jack Russel to sniff their trash!


Straight ahead we’ve got bathroom #2! Wait a second…that doesn’t really sound right…the bigger bathroom! Is that better?


And here’s the kitchen. Now, our house came fully furnished and stocked with necessary cooking equipment, dishes and utensils. However, nowhere in this kitchen is there an electric pressure cooker, a KitchenAid, a Ninja blender or a mom-sewn apron. I told Ben that when we get back to Idaho, I’m going to pull out all my favorite kitchen gear, plop it into bed by me, and snuggle it all night long because I’ve missed it so. Yes, I’m spoiled rotten…


This is the bedroom we sleep in! And goodness gracious have I been grateful for those darker curtains! It hasn’t been getting totally dark until after 11! I pretty much never want to go to sleep since it’s so light outside.

There is another bedroom on this side of the house that has a twin size bed…but it’s filled with empty boxes right now and looks disgraceful, so y’all will just have to imagine that too.

So that’s our place! Not super exciting…but we like it! It’s been very comfortable for us!

3 thoughts on “Our House Here in the Bush

  1. This looks like a really nice place. Thanks for posting the photos…I was not sure that we were going to see another post from you before you left, but I am glad we did.


    1. There’s a tv in the house but it doesn’t get any channels (although it has a vcr/dvd player). And we could get internet-but only in the bedrooms closest to the school…and the last half of the semester we had a problem with super slow internet…so just be aware of that.

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