February GBOMB

Well…I actually liked doing the GBOMB last month. So here’s the next monthly installment of Good/Bad/OnMyBrain also known as: Things That Have Been Going on With the Browns.


  • As everyone knows February brings Valentine’s Day! And every year Ben tells me how much he hates this holiday and how we should not celebrate it. And every year I say, “Yeah, whatever, Ben.” And every year I still get him something. And every year he gets me something too, my favorite of which is always the note he gives me. I guess neither of us are into crazy elaborate portrayals of love. But a sweet little note goes a long way, in my opinion.
  • One of our sweet friends runs a small Etsy shop making different things. A week or so ago, she sent us one of her BabyNests as a gift to Wendy, and, seriously, it has become one of our favorite things ever! If you follow me or Ben on Instagram, you’re probably like, “Okay, lady, we get it.” But seriously, this nest is so so so awesome and also super cute! We put Wendy in it on our couch or on our bed to make sure that she doesn’t roll off (she’s not rolling yet, but she’s getting super close so we try to be careful!). And I think it’s going to make transitioning from her slightly inclined bassinet to a flat surfaced crib a breeze since it’s obvious she still feels snuggled up and safe in the BabyNest. If you’ve got a baby on the way or a friend with a baby on the way, I would highly recommend getting one of these. Love love love it. Anyhow…check out her Etsy shop here.
  • My sister had her baby!!! And I can’t even wait to meet that sweet little girl!!!
  • My family has had babies scheduled to come in February, March and April! It’s super exciting! My twin’s wife is pregnant and they are planning her shower for early March. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to make it to the shower, but I asked my mom if I could help in any way. I was able to make and send the invites and I also made some decorations they can use for the shower (and hopefully can also be used for a nursery). The decorations turned out super cute (tutorial coming…) and it was just nice to have something to do that had a deadline. Is that weird? Yes. Probably. But still, it was nice.
  • Poor Jaeger dog…I don’t think he’s having a ~hard time with baby…but I do think he’s kind of like, “Hey, I like to be loved too!” Like whenever I nurse Wendy, Jaeger insists on claiming any remaining lap space. The other day Ben joked that whenever we have our next baby, I’ll have to find a way to fit Wendy, Jaeger and baby on my lap. But anyway, we decided to take Jaeger on a little trip to PetCo so he could choose out his own little bed. And he seriously loved it. The trip was stimulating for him and he has absolutely loved his new bed. Ben said he really feels like the message (Hey! We still love you!) was received.
  • As always, Wendy has been a total sweetie. She’s learning and growing (although the growing isn’t happening very quickly-she was in the 3rd percentile for weight at her 4 month check up two days ago) and she just makes us happy.




  • Four month shots for my poor baby! She’s handling them a lot better than last time though.
  • So I did this 30 day cleanse. It wasn’t as hardcore as the Whole30. I basically couldn’t eat sugar, processed grains, yeast and a few other odds and ends. Ben quit after 4 days (the man does what he wants). I kept going because, you know, baby weight. And after 4 weeks…I had not lost a single pound!!! I was pretty disappointed. But the upside is that I’ve decided that sugar free is not the life for me! Feel free to use that saying in your own lives. I’ll let you know when the bumper stickers are made 😉
  • Our car has been kinda freaking out electronically. And while it is still running, car trouble is always lame.


On My Brain

  • I’ve been trying to get better at menu planning and grocery shopping…and I feel like I haven’t really found my rhythm yet…and maybe I never will? The plans just end up being too restrictive or I plan too many meals and don’t get around to making them and then ingredients go bad. I’m definitely more the type of person who can think of ingredients we have and determine what to make from that. Maybe a menu isn’t for me and new recipes should be introduced one at a time??? I’ll keep working on it.
  • Our stake had a women’s conference and there was one speaker who just did an excellent job. She spoke about music and, to make her point, she played songs on her iPod, had her daughter sing, played songs on the piano, and shared a couple of Mormon Messages. She just explained how music has such huge effect on our moods and attitudes. She pointed out that any sort of media we use is simply a guest in our home. If it’s disturbing the vibe we want in our home, it is our right to kick that media out, and maybe replace it with something better.
  • The Reader’s Digest had a small story about author Kurt Vonnegut who responded to some student letters. I really loved reading it (you can read the whole letter here-it’s short) and I especially loved this line, “Practice any art–music, singing, dancing, acting, drawing, painting, sculpting, poetry, fiction, essays, reportage–no matter how well or badly, not to get money and fame, but to experience becoming, to find out what’s inside you, to make your soul grow.” Love it. Makes me think, yeah, that’s why I blog or learn new songs on the guitar or attempt sewing clothes. And it makes me want to push myself further in these areas and others.


2 thoughts on “February GBOMB

  1. Ahhh, she’s so cute and tiny! I love little babies. That nest is the cutest thing ever! The sugar-free life deffffinitely isn’t for me…but you already knew that 😉 Also, I’m with you and the meal planning. I always run into the same problem. My favorite method is to just have 2 or 3 meal ideas floating around in my head and I’ll have the ingredients on hand for those. I’ll plan on making them sometime in the next week or two (a short enough time span that the ingredients won’t go bad) and the rest of the time I just make things from on-hand items. I find that gives me the flexibility my ADD, chaotic self needs 😉


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