• Well, this already seems like it happened forever ago but, gosh, General Conference was good. I feel like I always hear just what I need to.
  • The big one: Wendy turned one year old last week! I can’t believe it’s already been a year. About a month ago, I started feeling really sad that she’s growing, but then I thought about how grateful I am that I’ve been here every step of her first year. It’s been such a joy to be this girl’s mom. I’m spoiled with what a sweetie she is. We had a pretty low-key birthday party for her (if we lived closer to family, I’m sure it would’ve been a little different), most of which she seemed very confused by, ha! But it was very fun for us!
  • One of Ben’s buddies came to visit for a weekend. It’s always nice to see family/friends. He and Ben went camping one of the nights and, can I say it? It was actually really nice to just have an evening to myself. Maybe that makes me a bad person? I’m a night owl and I loved staying up late, doing my own thing.
  • Ben’s mom came to visit for Wendy’s birthday week and I just cannot even say how nice it was to have her here. I think it made all of us a little homesick when she left. But we had a blast while she was here-we went to the grand canyon, went for lots of walks, and went to Out of Africa (one of our faves, just a little south of us).
  • Ben and I saw a porcupine out on our walk! I know, why the heck am I telling you this??? Um, because it was seriously so cool. And it was huge! The End.
  • So Wendy had another check up with her nutritionist. And, while we still have to go to another appointment in a couple of months (I was hoping the doc would put her in the clear and we could stop going), the doctor was very pleased at how well she’s been growing. I always have to wipe some sweat off my brow when that’s what they say. Wendy’s only 14 pounds  (0 percentile for weight and height…but 30th percentile for head-ha!), but she’s doing really well.
  • This is really random and incredibly cheesy…but Ben and I were invited to be on a panel of married couples for a Young Single Adult fireside. And I am the lamest person on the planet but I’ve seriously always wanted to do it! Ha! Ben and I were the “senior couple” having been married the longest and it was just fun to remember the days when we were dating (and Ben said I probably liked it because I could tell everyone how to live their life;)
  • So Halloween was yesterday! Our church was planning a trunk or treat for the weekend before but they ended up cancelling it pretty last minute. I was bummed (where else were we going to wear our costumes?) but apparently a bunch of people complained so they ended up having one Halloween night. Wendy went trunk-or-treating to a few vehicles and I think she loved seeing all the kids and being a part of the festivities. And we had zero trick-or-treaters come to our house. More candy for me!



  • I just haven’t believed all the disasters that have been going on lately. Some of them natural and some of them not natural at all. The fires in California were especially worrisome for me because I have a sister who lives in that area with her family. Luckily, they (and their home) were okay, but it seemed like a crazy and stressful couple of weeks. We’ve definitely been praying for everyone who’s been affected in any way in any of the disasters.
  • Just as has been the norm this semester, Ben has been really busy. He’s finishing up his thesis and will probably present in the next couple of weeks. And after that he’s going to apply to PhD programs. So it’ll still be awhile before his schedule gets a little less crazy.
  • Jaeger, sweet Jaeger Dog. We love him, but he can get very grumpy at Wendy. Don’t worry-he’s not dangerous, but sometimes, if Wendy crawls close to him while he’s napping, he wakes up and growls and growls. It’s obnoxious and I just wish he’d chill out. And since we’re on the subject, his breath also really stinks.


On My Brain

  • I’ve been reading Thomas S. Monson’s biography (he’s the current prophet in our church) and in the 60s, apostle Elder Monson was assigned to serve in/oversee the church in the European nations, including East Germany which had been cut off from the world for decades. The biography gives a small history of that area in particular and this quote really stood out to me, “As the war progressed, the horrors did as well. By the end, the people were exhausted, starving [and] homeless…But the members were not disheartened. They looked forward, their faith deepening; it was all they had. And it was enough. Duty honor, covenants, and cooperation were what sustained them and stirred them on.” I was just amazed at how something that happened so long ago could relate so directly with some of the natural disasters that have been going on around the world. For me it’s easy to forget I  have a lot to learn from the past and those who lived in it.
  • Because of all the natural disasters, I’ve really had emergency preparedness on my mind, especially the areas where we could improve. I’ve been buying/storing water and I bought a bucket of freeze dried food that is supposed to last a person 2 weeks (although…I think that’s debateable). We have a camp stove and fuel along with a water purifier and other camping gear. Do you guys have a system for food storage? Are there any items you think are essential for emergency preparedness?
  • With Halloween in the bag, we are officially in holiday season and I am so excited. Now I just need to turn the excitement into productive holiday planning and shopping…


2 thoughts on “October

  1. I’m so glad she had a fun birthday! So nice to have Ben’s mom in town. I’m crap at emergency preparedness. Spencer is a little better than I am with that. Mostly we just try to have a decent amount of food and first aid on hand.


  2. Wendy is so so cute!! And in response to your emergency preparedness question, I am that sister in the wild fire area!! Some things that surprised me was that we didn’t have cell or internet service during the natural disaster! I feel dumb for not knowing that would happen…but 80 cell towers we’re burned. From now on I want a radio with batteries to get radio stations. It was one of the only ways we knew what was going on. We were always on edge Wondering if we would have to evacuate or whether we needed to start boiling our water. Radio is the old school method of getting information out. Another tip would just be to get insured in all areas of your life. It costs money but you’ll never know when you’ll be so glad you have it!


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