Second Trimester: 27 Weeks

The first pic Ben took of me lead me to say, “Ugh! I look so fat in this! Take another one!” As he was snapping this one he said, “I’ll take as many pictures as you want, but you’re not getting any skinnier.” Haha! Such is the life of a pregnant woman. (Rest assured that his comment made me laugh and I don’t think he’s a monster…just for the record). 

Somehow I’m already 27 weeks which means that, come Saturday, I will officially be in the third trimester! Super crazy! Here’s how Trimester Two went:

Belly? I mentioned it last time, but I seriously feel super huge this time around (which I think is directly related to my lack of belly pics this trimester). On instagram I see pics of friends/family who are due in only a couple of weeks and I think, “I’m the same size as them!” May or may not be true, but that’s how I’ve been feeling. Although lately I feel like my number of weeks is catching up with my belly size (in other words, I don’t feel quite AS huge). I stopped looking at the scale when we go to the doctor, and the doctor says that I’m totally within the normal range for weight gain. So really there’s nothing for me to be worrying about.

Exercise? The start of this trimester came with a vengeance on my running and I wondered if I was going to have to stop pretty early (I just had a lot of pelvic pain). So I slowed it down, walked when I needed and the pain went away after several weeks. So I’m still running (which is really more of a waddle/jog) most days, but it’s rare that I do more than 2 miles. If I don’t run, it’s simply because Ben can’t watch Wendy, and so I’ll just do a YouTube workout video. I’ve been doing videos from BodyFit by Amy (I really like her). She has pregnancy specific workouts, and I’m happy to say that I’m still sticking with her regular (not prenatal) workouts and feeling good (although I moderate some moves occasionally). And we go for walks. We always go for walks.

Cravings/Food Aversions? So glad that food aversions haven’t been a thing this time around! Food is food is food. I’m eating, craving, and avoiding things as per normal.


  • I feel like the whole “feeling pregnant” thing has come so much earlier than with Wendy. Last time it came on during like the last four weeks of pregnancy. But right around the time I started having the pelvic pain, I also just felt totally drained, exhausted and like I could only move around by waddling! Luckily, all of that was a phase, and I have felt more energetic and “normal” the past little bit (although, some days I still have to resort to waddling-one of the many attractive sides of pregnancy;).
  • Only within the last week or so I’ve started to have those aches come on from sleeping. I’m sure everyone feels it differently, but I get these huge aches in my hips when I wake up in the morning that only getting out of bed will cure. I need to pull out the pregnancy pillow I made (but it’s stored in Wendy’s room and I only ever think about getting it out when Wendy’s already fast asleep) because that really helps so much.
  • Do you guys all get sick of hearing how much gas I have when I’m pregnant? Because I definitely get sick of it.
  • When Ben felt Wendy move for the first time, she delivered a powerful kick right to his hand so he couldn’t deny she was in there. This baby, however, has been moving plenty but she’s quick to retreat any time a hand is pressed to the belly. Which means that Ben still hasn’t felt her move. Sad! But she’ll run out of places to hide here pretty soon…
  • I had to take that darn gestational diabetes test. Blech! All I remember from before is that the drink isn’t as gross as everyone makes it out to be (not that it’d ever be my bev of choice). But I did forget about how gross it makes me feel! Ugh! I feel like half of my day consisted of feeling junky because of that stupid drink.


  • As mentioned above, I’ve been feeling this baby move which is honestly one of my favorite parts of being pregnant. It’s funny to me how her movements have been so different than Wendy’s-I feel this baby so much lower! But the doctor said she’s currently breech (i.e. constantly kicking my bladder) which explains why I often have to pee every 30 minutes…
  • I mentioned before, but we found out this baby is a GIRL! Again, I was so surprised but we are so excited! I know personally that sisters are the best, so I’m so grateful that Wendy will have a little sister to play with! Ben only has sisters so he’s very comfortable with girls. And having another little girl means that we already have everything we need-no need to get a new wardrobe!
  • We’ve had two ultrasounds this trimester which means we’ve been able to see baby girl 3 times already. We had the gender reveal after Thanksgiving and then I had another ultrasound just this Monday (they just wanted a better look at a couple of things they weren’t able to see very well in the last ultrasound) so I got to see her again. She was measuring about 2 1/2 pounds. It’s amazing to me that she’s so tiny but so well developed.
  • This pregnancy has just been flying by. I really can hardly wrap my brain around the fact that I’m almost to the third trimester. I think the first time being pregnant was such a novelty that it was always on my mind. This time around I have literally been forgetting which week I’m on because I just haven’t been keeping track and because, whether I’m feeling great or not, I’ve got a babe I need to take care of. In any case, I’m grateful for the distractions because things seem to be moving along quickly and I can’t complain about that!
  • Oh! I should just mention to everyone that being pregnant during Thanksgiving (but not in the first trimester, because that would be the worst) was the BEST. It’s already my favorite holiday, but pair that with the whole perma-stretchy pants status and the ever constant hunger, and you have got yourself one of the best days imaginable. It. Was. Great.  Plan your next pregnancy accordingly 😉

2 thoughts on “Second Trimester: 27 Weeks

  1. Oh, our loving husbands. The Sunday before I delivered, I came home from church she said, “Seth! Why didn’t you tell me I look so huge?” Because I finally had looked at myself and saw how unflattering my outfit was. His response, “well, you ARE pregnant.”
    I’m so excited for you, and you look great. I went even tell you how much weight I gained with Anthony 😬


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