She’s Here!


She’s here! Our sweet little baby number 2 is here and we are in love!


We named her Greta Jean. We had a hard time choosing a name this time around but Greta was a name that we kept coming back to and, when she was born, we knew it fit. And Jean is after Ben’s sweet Grandma Brown (seriously, one of the sweetest ladies ever).


Somehow, this girl had the exact same measurements as her sister: 6 lbs 14 oz and 18 1/2 inches tall.


Greta came 9 days early and her timing could not have been better. Ben’s mom was miraculously in town when I went into labor so she was able to to watch Wendy when we headed to the hospital. And my mom came soon after and stayed for a week to help out.


And I was able to have a VBAC! It was seriously such a crazy experience! And I didn’t think my C-Section was bad at all but retrospectively, this has been a MUCH easier recovery and I’m so grateful for that.


Life with 2 kids is definitely different than life with one and we are all still learning and adjusting. But I’m definitely trying to enjoy every moment because babies grow too fast.



2 thoughts on “She’s Here!

    1. She’s doing pretty well! She’s mostly very sweet (she’ll go up to the bassinet and go “Awwww!”) but I still get nervous because Wendy sometimes forgets to be soft. But overall she’s doing awesome.


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