March 2018



  • This month has been blessedly busy. I’m so glad I’ve had stuff to do to keep me from focusing too much on the fact that I’m waiting for a baby.
  • Ben had his spring break last week and it was so nice to have him home. I feel like I got a ton of stuff done and we got to do some fun things together. Win win.
  • For one day of spring break we drove down to Phoenix and went to the zoo (that was my parents’ Christmas present to us). It was so fun. Wendy might have loved looking at all the people more than she loved looking at all the animals-ha! We also did some much needed shopping and got some of the best pizza I’ve ever eaten (from a place called Spinato’s. We had some when we went to Phoenix last July and I’ve been dreaming about it ever since!).
  • On a different day we went to Sedona. I’m not a huge shopper and I’m even less of a spender, but for some reason I love browsing downtown stores. We finally stopped at Sedona’s downtown to walk around and peruse the shops and it was really fun. We also went to Oak Creek and let Wendy wade in the water. She was freaking out she loved it so much.
  • We finally saw Coco and totally loved it. Apparently Mariachi music is Wendy’s JAM. I’ve never seen her dance so hard- she was jumping and twirling. Oh, it was hilarious.
  • I mentioned that our ward was rearranged and as a result my primary class went from having 2 kids to 6 and it has been great! Yes, it is harder to keep them quiet and paying attention but they are all great kids. And they all are so sweet to Wendy. I love it.
  • The rest of this week is going to be packed too (I’m writing this post Monday otherwise I don’t think it’ll get posted). But tonight my mother-in-law is coming into town and she’s bringing a whole slew of grandkids with her. They are just staying a couple of days but we’re hoping to pack as much into the days as we can. And then my mom is coming on Friday or Saturday. And then I’ll really feel like the baby can come whenever she wants (hopefully sooner rather than later…but we’ll take what we can get:)!



  • I mentioned the same thing last month-but I’ve just had so much I’m supposed to be doing and not quite the energy to get it all done. BUT we are making progress and having Ben home for a week was awesome. Sometimes I forget that I can ask him for help…isn’t that dumb? He’s more than willing…(unless it involves scrubbing the toilet;)
  • Just your normal pre-baby worries over here. I basically worry about everything. Like all the time.
It wasn’t raining when we started the walk…

On My Brain

  • Baby names! Ha! Why does choosing a name have to be so difficult? But it is! We talk about names fairly often (more so the closer we get) but we haven’t been able to even say “most likely we’ll name her this.” I’m just hoping that when we meet her we’ll get a little bit of inspiration. I don’t want to feel pressured!
  • Oh I think about labor all the time. It keeps me up at night which is just so dumb. It’ll happen when it happens and I’ll take everything in stride. I’ve got a great support system and I trust my doctors. But there is just something about not really knowing what will happen that gets me a little nervous. I will say that Ben gave me a blessing and I’ve been feeling loads better.
  • I was thinking about doing Easter outfits like I did last year. Which would have been pure craziness because it’s close enough to my due date that I would’ve had to make something for myself that could’ve worked for a pregnant body or for a newly postpartum body and I didn’t even want to start thinking about designing something with nursing capabilities. Luckily I remembered that Easter is going to be the same Sunday as conference! This all worked really well for my sanity. Plus I’m really excited for conference! And Easter! I’m always missing my family’s big Sunday dinners and Easter is just the occasion to make a delicious roast beef dinner that normally can’t be justified.
  • Well and now I’m thinking I still need to get Easter candy! Another thing to add to my list!
  • Oh, and this probably goes without saying but I’ve got a post for next week and then I’m going to be taking a break for awhile from blogging. I’m looking forward to snuggling my new baby while she’s still fresh :). And I’m just going to play it by ear when it comes to posting again…I’ve never had 2 kids before so I’ll do what I can when I can!
Wendy has been loving to crawl under Ben’s blanket when he’s reading, so we put up her tepee and she’s been loving it!

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