September 2018


Oh man, I really have been trying to get myself in gear and get back on a regular posting schedule but for some reason I’ve just felt so much busier lately! Hopefully I’ll get better at getting projects finished and getting them up on the blog…but no promises! Here’s my monthly meanderings:

  • This month we took a short trip to see Kenai and Soldotna which are really cute little towns that are right next to the ocean. I went for a short run and found this gorgeous wildflower park (the above picture)! A sign there said it’s one way the city contributes to a healthy ecosystem. It had me all heart eye emoji and seriously wondering why every town doesn’t do this???


  • Speaking of exercising, my cousin here invited me to go to her Zumba class with her. It’s a good workout and nice to be sweating with a buddy but I don’t know, I just don’t really love it. It definitely gets my heart rate up, which I guess is the goal right? But going makes me think “Wow. I am crazy uncoordinated.” I’m pretty sure if I could see a video of myself Zumba-ing that would be the end because yikes! 2F0A7A2A-AD5D-4572-9567-6C93482D2221
  • It seems like most houses here in Alaska (I house shop even though I’m not buying a house it’s normal mmkay?) do not have carpet and ours is no exception. Only the girls’ bedroom has carpet and I’m not going to lie: sweeping is the worst! The ol’ postpartum hair loss is still in full effect, not to mention we have a dog! I couldn’t/wouldn’t justify the buy right now, but I’ve seriously been thinking that if we ever bought a house with non-carpet flooring, I’d buy a DJ Roomba for sure (yeah, yeah, I know it’s just a Roomba, but why wouldn’t you make it a DJ if you knew it was a possibility?).


  • On a similar note, we are living in a duplex and I have yet to meet the neighbors BUT judging from how often we hear Frozen from over there, I’d say our girls would get along really well. Ha!
  • I’ve been eating this delicious salad most days for lunch and loving it. And, surprise! Wendy actually loves it too! Maybe that’s not surprising…there is peanut butter in the dressing…


  • Alaskans are so dramatic. And time will tell if their drama is warranted but seriously everyone is like, “The winter is coming…” and “The darkness is coming…” Like stuff straight out of a horror movie. I would say, “Yeesh! Chill out, guys! You’re making it worse!” But I’m too busy having a panic attack because ohmygosh IT’S COMING!!!!


  • As for the girlies, they are both growing so much. It is crazy! Greta is now 6 months and just like clockwork, I had to pull out her 6 months clothes. It is a beautiful relief that she is growing so well! She’s also learning (a little too) quickly and while I can’t say that she’s crawling, exactly, but she is definitely inch-worming around (what??? why aren’t you staying little a little longer, please???) and sitting up without any help (just lots of padding in case she gets tipsy). And Wendy’s always been pretty good with Greta, but this month she’s developed a stronger affinity for her baby sister. She asks to hold her regularly and will baby talk her ear off when they’re face to face (Greta in the carrier and Wendy in the grocery cart). It is adorable and, honestly, a relief. Sisters are the best and I hope they always have a strong relationship. Wendy has been talking so much lately. She can even “read” me some of her books (don’t get excited, just the ones that have like a picture of a duck and you’re supposed to read “duck.”). She can sing the first part of the ABCs and Row, Row, Row Your Boat. And when I’m cleaning she’ll yell, “Keen up, keen up!” Because she knows and loves that song too. She’s a giant stinker to poor Jaeger dog and loves to make him growl. Ugh. We’re working on it. I’m really grateful for my babies and the opportunity I have/ choice we made to have me stay at home with them. We might be richer had we chosen a different life but just richer in a different way.



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