Oh man, it has been soooooo long since I got on here! I’m sorry for the giant break but also I really loved taking a giant break. Here’s what happened: when President Nelson gave a challenge to take a 10 day break from social media, I decided to include blogs/blogging in my break. And I seriously needed one! So instead of giving myself 10 days, I gave myself much longer (just from the blog…not from all social media)…and then I started realizing that as much as I needed the break, I actually kind of need to blog too. Yeah, I know personal blogging is like so 2008…but I really love keeping this thing going. It helps me organize my thoughts and keeps me productive. It’s a good thing for me so imma just keep at it, please and thank you.

So…so, so, so. October and November. They were busy and relatively sleep deprived and at the moment I can’t remember much of what happened during those months…but that goes hand in hand with sleep deprivation, right? So here’s what happened and what was on my mind for October and November (at least what I can remember;):


Can we just talk about general conference for a minute? Was it just me or was conference super awesome this time around? I mean, I love conference always…but this particular conference seemed to speak to my soul. It was stuff I needed to hear and I had no idea I needed it. I’m thinking I’m going to do a post about President Nelson’s challenges…maybe when I finish The Book of Mormon?!


Am I allowed to talk about reasons for sleep deprivation on here or are you all sleep deprived as well and wanting me to do my whining elsewhere? I won’t take long. Sleep schedules are weird. I’ll think we’re in a good rhythm and then randomly Wendy will wake up at 4 in the morning ready to go…or (sometimes and) Greta will decide she needs to eat 4 times during the night instead of just once. I know a lot of people have it worse than me so I try to keep my cursing to a minimum. And, hey, in 18 years I might be able to get a full night’s sleep again. Maybe.


Sweet baby Wendy Boo turned 2! I know, it’s so crazy! She is a little ray of sunshine, although I must say that she read the terrible twos manual and she is doing a fine job sticking to it. She is still increasing her language and communication skills (the other day I asked her if she wanted a burrito for lunch or a sandwich and she said, “Ummmm sugar!”). She is such a good helper. She loves being outside and the cold seems to have no effect on her. For her birthday we did what she loves best which is watch movies!


Greta Jean bean has been growing at an alarming rate. She is 8 months as of yesterday and we already pulled out the 9-12 month clothes, what?!?! I love it. She loves snuggles and doing anything that everyone else is doing; she hates to be left out! But when it comes to eating, she chews food and then spits it out, so…whatever, weirdo;). She is crawling everywhere and pulling herself up to standing. I don’t know how all this happened so quick-I just had her last month, right?


Holiday season is upon us and we’ve had a pretty good time. Instead of being creative for Halloween, we just used costumes my cousin gave us which actually ended up being pretty appropriate-it was like 23 degrees or something for trick or treating and we were only out for about 15 minutes total. So the effort put in was comparable to what we got out of it. Thanksgiving was very nice. We did miss our immediate families but we were grateful to have family to go to. And it was delicious so it was definitely a win. (Side note: We realized we’ve only had Thanksgiving with Ben’s family once the whole time we’ve been married which must be fixed soon-especially considering they’re they pie experts. That was a sad realization. On the flip side, the last time Ben was in Alaska for Thanksgiving was one we spent apart {I was in Idaho} so I was grateful to be with him this time around:).


I finished a huge project (I’ll be sharing it soon!) and I’ve finally had a chance to get out some other things to work on and it’s been so refreshing! I pulled out (and dusted off, yikes!) the old La Passacaglia quilt that will be done in approximately 7.5 years. And I bought fabric for some Christmas jammies. I just love sewing so, so much. I’m grateful I have a creative outlet that I enjoy so much! I’ve been thinking about making an instagram account exclusively for my sewing projects…would anyone follow that? Maybe I’d just be setting myself up for more stress…okay the REAL issue: what would my username be???


Alaska! Would I even be in Alaska if I wasn’t talking about it all the time? Ha! We had the most gorgeous fall ever. It was short but all the true Alaskans kept saying how long it was! Perspective. We got our first snowfall before Halloween and it’s been pretty cold ever since (although this week has blessedly been in the 30s!). I’m terrified of what the temperatures will do and what staying inside will do to my sanity! Time will tell if I go crazy. The best thing, though, was we the northern lights!!!!! It was magical!! I feel like I should be writing this in all caps. WE SAW THE NORTHERN LIGHTS!!!!! IT WAS MAGICAL!!!! But seriously-it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in my life! Like it literally brought tears to my eyes. That alone is worth a trip up here! (I know my picture is not the most amazing…but the show we got was!)

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