Christmas Jammies

Well Christmas has passed and you guys might be all holiday-ed out. But I just wasn’t organized enough this year to post about our Christmas jammies BEFORE Christmas. Maybe next year will be that year. But THIS year, you get to read about our matching pajamas 2 weeks late.

Do you guys do matching pajamas for Christmas? My mom always made matching pajamas for my family when I was growing up. There were years she threatened to stop doing it just because of how much time and work it took (she had 7 kids to make pajamas for!), but we always begged her to keep the tradition going and she would.

When I was a little older my mom told us about how the tradition had started in her family growing up. My grandma always made matching pajamas for her children as well. One year, around Christmastime, my mom’s family adopted my Aunt Richelle, who was 8 at the time. My mom said that Richelle was very quiet and reserved. On Christmas Eve that year, my grandma brought out the matching pajamas and Richelle later said she knew that there wouldn’t be any pajamas for her because she didn’t belong in the family. But of course my grandma had made pajamas for everyone including Richelle. That’s when Richelle knew she was apart of the family and when she started to be more comfortable around them.

I don’t know if I’ll always do matching pajamas, but I sure am grateful for this sweet story and I definitely think about it every year whether we’ve got matching pajamas or not! I like what the matching pajamas represent.


This year I really loved making these jammies! I will take advantage of any time I can make these girlies match! I had a few different ideas for pajamas, but in the end I decided to just a simple shirt and pants with ribbing trim.


I got my fabric from Joann’s. The cactus fabric is a cotton knit. And the ribbing is a rayon, polyester, spandex blend that is sparkly (why I chose it) and verrrrrry stretchy.


I made my own patterns, just by tracing jammies the girls already had. It was super easy.


I got a serger last year, which made sewing these knits a cinch! One new thing I tried out with these jammies was a twin needle for hemming. I honestly don’t know why using a twin needle doesn’t get more hype. You can see the hem of the shirt in the above picture and how it’s been hemmed with a twin needle. It was so easy to use and took my hems to the next level without any extra effort from me (it looks better irl than in the picture).

If your machine can do a zig zag stitch (which I don’t know why they’d make one that can’t), it can handle a twin needle. They only cost a couple of bucks and I definitely think they are worth buying!


For kind of winging it, I think these jammies turned out really well! I had a lot of fun making them and working on these jams made me want to turn it into an every year tradition. Although I think next year I’ll use fabric that’s a little less Christmas-y so that I can get away with posting about them after Christmas and you guys won’t have to gag from looking at one more Christmas post!

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