Mini Waterfall Raglans (Chalk+Notch)

Last week I wrote about the Waterfall Raglan I made for me and this week I’ll share about the Mini versions I made for my girls! The patterns (adult vs mini) are virtually the exact same, so I’ll try not to be too repetitive as I talk about these ones!

Hmmm, what should we talk about first??? How about fabric?

I did a bit of internet browsing to start my fabric search off but then I decided buying from somewhere in town would be fastest, so I went to check out Joann’s. Now…I don’t hate Joann’s. It’s very convenient having somewhere to go for last minute notions and even occasionally for fabric. But I don’t typically love the selection (or quality) of their fabric. Which isn’t being very generous because they do carry some great fabric that is both really cute and also good quality. But if I go in with something specific in mind, I’ll more often than not walk out disappointed. When I went this particular time, I didn’t find something to use for myself, no surprises, but I did find this awesome abstract geometric print that felt like a good fit for my girls. I love the colors on it and the gray shapes are just glitter. Sparkly things are always a win.

As much as I complained about Joann’s above, I do think their fabric selection is getting better and there are things that I’m tempted by when I go in. Also, for awhile now, I’ve had my eye on a new(ish? I think?) juvenile fabric line they have called POP!. It has super cute knit fabrics designed for younger boys and girls. I’d happily buy most of the designs they have (if I had the need and was used to a crazy high output) as I think it’d be perfect for tees or dresses for my gals or even for jammies. Of course, I don’t have that high of an output and my girls certainly aren’t in need of clothes (they have piles upon piles of clothes). But the line is very cute, nonetheless. This fabric is from that line. I cut out and sewed all those dresses and I still love the fabric, which doesn’t always happen! It’s a little on the thicker side of knits, otherwise I’d have already resigned the leftovers to be some sort of statement sleeve in a future project for me. Who knows? Maybe that will still happen…

When I brought this fabric home, I got approval from both girls then I went and ordered my fabric from Raspberry Creek. I bought 2 1/2 yards of that and when it came, Wendy claimed the peachy animal print for herself. Kids (insert eye roll). Luckily, it seemed like a very generous 2 1/2 yards so I thought I might be able to make her a dress out of the leftovers.

I cut out my dress first (of course being very frugal with the fabric), but there was plenty of fabric leftover and I figured I could squeeze two Minis out of it. Luckily my girls are little because there were some tight spots but we did it! We got two extra dresses out of that fabric! And I’m glad for it because it was fun to see how different the dress looked with different fabrics.

The geometric print is a thicker fabric (cotton jersey? I always forget to look when I’m shopping in a store!) and it stands away from the body more readily. And the peachy animal print (a brushed poly) is thinner and more drapey. I think they are both very cute but maybe the poly is my favorite? I do know now that if I make the top version for myself (as someone who’s a bit afraid voluminous silhouettes on my top half), I’ll go for something similar to the poly: lighter and drapier!

As far as pattern pieces and sewing goes, the Mini Waterfall is virtually the exact same as the adult version so the process is the same. I made some changes to my Waterfall, but I made the girls’ versions totally as per the instructions (much to their dismay when they realized mine had pockets and theirs didn’t). So sewing them up was relatively quick. The most time intensive part is definitely the ruffle, both creating it and hemming it.

As with my dress, for hemming I used a fusible adhesive tape (Lite Stretch Heat n bond) and it made all that hemming a breeze (I mean, I was hemming five of these ruffley dresses)! I cut the adhesive tape into 1 or 2 inch pieces and ironed the pieces on an inch or so apart, since the hem is curved.

I forgot to take a picture of the insides but I recently bought these tags on Etsy for the clothes I sew for my girls. Their sizes are way too close to each other so it’s difficult to tell at first glance whose dress (or tee or pants or whatever) is whose. Adding tags has made things a billion times easier. I was also trying to find tags with something cute on them (like a heart or an animal or something) just for fun, but I can’t find what I had in mind for a price I’m willing to pay. I’ll keep looking but for now these have been great. I thought the price was great and you can get multiple sizes in just one order. Plus, the gals get excited finding their age/number on the tag. I think I might need to reorder soon…

I love my dress but I think I love the Mini versions even more. There is just something whimsical about so much volume on such a little frame. The girls seem to love both their dresses as well.

Pattern: Chalk+Notch Mini Waterfall Raglan
Sizes: 3T and 4T
Adjustments: None
Fabrics: Abstract geometric print: cotton jersey(?) from Joann Fabric; Peach animal spots print: double brushed poly knit from Raspberry Creek Fabrics
Cost: Pattern $12.50, 1 1/2 yds abstract cotton $15 (for 2 mini dresses), 2 1/2 yds peach animal spots $27 (for 2 mini dresses and 1 adult dress)
Would I make this pattern again?: Yes, for sure! Very basic but cute and easy to sew!

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