Merry Christmas!

Hello, everyone! I, unfortunately, am not the person who typically sends out Christmas cards mostly because I don’t put it as high enough of a priority that it actually gets done in a timely manner. However, this year, I realized I didn’t have to plan too far ahead, lick envelopes, or wipe the post office completely out of stamps. I could just post a quick update here on the blog. So that’s what I’ll do!

Here’s how our year has gone…

Ben’s most noteworthy accomplishment this year was becoming ABD in his PhD program! That’s a lot of letters that basically mean that he’s doing awesome and getting very close to being done! It’s a big deal! He’s currently working on his dissertation and, if everything goes smoothly, he’ll graduate in the spring! We’re very excited and also a little nervous, as we don’t know the future but I daresay we’re hopeful. Aside from school and teaching, Ben has also been very busy creatively, especially in building all sorts of things on his 3D printer. His biggest project this year was his Mandalorian costume (which you can see here) but he’s also made cards boxes (for playing MTG), dice towers (for playing D&D), toys, organizational thingies, and all sorts of other stuff. He definitely keeps himself (and his printer) busy.

It’s hard for me to know what to write about my year, though I’ve certainly kept busy. Probably one of my highlights this year was not being pregnant! This last pregnancy was very difficult and I’m grateful to have a healthy and lovely baby and also grateful to finally be feeling more like myself these last couple months! I’ve tried to get back into running which has had its ups and downs since I’ve had a couple injuries that have set me back but I’m still working on it. My sewing was up from last year but my reading was down (38 books this year compared to 54 last year). And I’ve very much enjoyed working with our church’s youth organization. Other than that it’s been a healthy amount of cooking, cleaning, and managing mayhem-normal stuff!

Wonderful Wendy (6) has had a very busy year indeed! She tried gymnastics (and hated it) and then followed that up with starting kindergarten which she absolutely (and thankfully) loves! She’s always been a word-loving girl and being in kindergarten has just increased her love for it. About a month into school, Wendy spelled “conductor” for me right before bed. She’s also caught on to alliteration and will make an alliterative sentence based on your name on the spot (hers is: Wendy the witch with a wand walking in a winter wonderland. It’s fun!). In addition to her love of spelling she has also comes home raving about art, music, Spanish, and recess! At home she tries to be a good big sister and loves to watch tv. She also has been loving arts and crafts and has made paper crafts and drawings to keep our home decorated with the current holidays and birthdays.

Sweet Greta (4) has also had a busy year but mostly just in trying to know what to do with her sister being gone for so much of the day! She also tried gymnastic but had a much better experience and really loved it. I think it’s hard to say what Greta’s favorite activity is and I think the reason is that Greta’s favorite activity is to be doing whatever activity everyone else is doing-as long as it’s with people she loves. If you’re running errands, washing walls, working on a project, Greta is THERE (as long as there’s nothing more exciting happening). She’s also very in to playing games, baking, or doing science experiments.

Owen (1) might have been the busiest of all. In 2022 Owen learned to roll, learned to sit up, learned to crawl, learned to walk, started eating real food, explored every inch (and then some) of our apartment, and started trying to talk (he’ll say “nye nye” {night night}, and “woof woof” it’s very cute). Really the only thing he hasn’t learned is how to sleep like a pro. I, in particular, am hoping these skills come soon. But he really is a sweet and happy go-getter of a boy. He watches and copies his sisters. He eats and eats and eats. And he loves playing with anything he can find, even our Swiffer mop. For some reason he loves it.

This year has had a lot of wonderful moments, a lot of successes, but also a lot of struggles and a lot of heartaches. Thankfully through it all I can turn to my Savior, Jesus Christ and find a little bit of peace and hope. I’m grateful for this season where I have a chance to celebrate His birth and His life. It’s a good reminder to me to be a light when and in the ways I’m able. I hope everyone can have a happy holiday season and find hope and peace in the new year. Happy holidays!

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