Best and Worst Makes of 2022

Blogging, sewing and wearing me-mades this year has been a little bit of a process for me mostly because of my postpartum journey. However, I’ve been feeling like I’m getting back to my normal which is awesome. I sew, blog and wear things I make because it typically brings me joy. I’m grateful to be getting back into a place where I FEEL that. In the past I’ve done bigger posts about successful makes and I hope to do that again someday but for now, I’m happy to do a smaller post including my three best and three worst makes from 2022.


When I have a failed project, it often doesn’t make it to a wearable point, sometimes not even a recognizable point. So I don’t ever whip out my camera and take pictures when a project doesn’t turn out which means I don’t ever post those failed projects on the blog. But, trust me, there are mistakes aplenty. These don’t cover the half of it.

  1. An uncut Fulton
    Why yes, this IS uncut fabric that has been deemed worthy of the worst list. Why? Because it was supposed to be turned into something awesome-a Fulton Sweater Blazer with a welt pocket and Hong Kong seam finishes but because I’m dumb it is still just this: folded up fabric. When I bought the fabric two years ago, I was trying to be economical and so I bought 1 and 2/3 yards thinking this would be enough for my mid-thigh length Fulton. I didn’t get around to trying to cut it out until early this year. When I laid out the fabric and looked at all the pattern pieces I knew there was no way I could wiggle around the inadequate yardage. I needed more fabric. Initially I was peeved that I was going to have to pay for shipping again but when I got on to order more I discovered that this color has been discontinued! I even emailed to ask and they said there was no more and no plans to get more. They have other colors of their boiled wool but no more orchid! So sad! (And truthfully, if they had more orchid I’d still be sad but just because the price has gone up so much. When I ordered this, I paid $25 per yard; now the price is $40 per yard. How’s that for inflation?). Now if I’m being honest with myself there are plenty of silver lining. The fabric really isn’t suited for a Fulton; there’s hardly any stretch. The fabric is uncut. And I’m sure I’ll be able to find something else to turn it into. But it was still a sad blow because in my mind the finished product was going to be amazing.

2. A couple Hemlock tees
I made these at the very beginning of the year because I had no clothes that fit and these seemed like they would be forgiving and oversized. I have worn them zero times. Now, it’s not really the pattern’s fault. Mainly I didn’t wear them because I didn’t have pants to go with them for a solid handful of months. But then there were little other things like how I used white topstitching thread on the neckline of the blue one thinking it’d look nice (it doesn’t at all). And the fabric of the pink one has terrible recovery so the neckband gets all stretched out just from putting it on. They just have too many things going against them. As for the pattern, it’s solid although I don’t love how baggy the sleeves are. I even took my sleeves in but they’re still loose. Maybe if I mashed the Hemlock’s bodice with the Mandy Boat Tee’s sleeves I’d have a great combo? I’ll let you know if I try it.

3. Skirts
During the summer I really wanted a nice, flowy, chill skirt (this was before I bought the Mave pattern). And I thought it’d be cool to have a fun statement pocket. I decided on the wonky pleats you can see above which was actually extremely difficult to draft and then make. It took a lot of time! It was really hard! I also drafted a skirt pattern and then used the orange fabric to test the pattern out (and I was hoping to end up with something wearable which was maybe a bit ambitious because the fabric is quilting cotton which is stiff and wrinkles easily). Anyway, the skirt ended up being HUGE and looking ridiculous. I set the project aside determined to find a fabric that would work with it. Later I tried again with the green brussels linen. I made several changes to the skirt that didn’t end up helping at all because what I ended up with was a skirt that was now too small. The drape was all wrong on this one too. Anyway, I’m still hoping to find a way to incorporate my pocket somewhere because it took a lot of work AND because it’s awesome but so far no luck. If I still need a chill skirt come this summer, I’ll probably make myself Peppermint Mag’s Pocket skirt because it’s just about the right vibe I’m going for. But the pockets? I’ll find a place for them someday.


Honestly, everything I’ve posted this side of September has been a slam dunk that I’ve loved wearing again and again. But if I had to narrow it down, here are my top makes.

  1. Mave skirt
    I love my Mave skirt so much. I love that it’s loose and flowy but still interesting and flattering. The fabric is surprisingly silky and just feels nice to wear. It’s transitioned to winter with basically no effort, just adding a sweater. Even with the mistakes I made on it, it is pretty darn near perfect as far as a piece of clothing goes. Wherever I go to shop for fabric, getting fabric for another Mave skirt is always on my mind. Hands down my favorite make of the year (yeah, I went there).

2. Marlo sweater
Another one from True Bias, this time my Marlo Sweater. This is the ultimate comfy, cozy sweater. I love that it’s cute and can be worn out and about but it’s also the BEST thing to pull on for a warm and relaxed evening at home. The fabric of this one is brushed and so soft. I made this when my baby was still teeny and when I had him strapped to me in the ergo carrier, I’d put this sweater on and be able to wrap it around both of us to keep us toasty on our walks. I recently made myself another one that I’ll post about soon (and I made mini Marlos! I can’t wait to show you!)!

3. Davenport dress
I had a hard time choosing between this one and my New Look 6651 (I’ve been loving wearing that one with a sweater on top!) but I chose this one because the fabric is wonderful and because making it was so fun. This one isn’t as versatile as my other two favorites. It’s more unique and I think that’s part of it’s charm. It has some strong prairie vibes while still being modern. It not at all the most complicated thing I’ve made but still something I’m really proud of!

Did you have any favorite or least favorite makes this year?

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