January 2018



  • Ben didn’t start school until after MLK Jr. Day so we had a few weeks to just kind of relax and spend time more time with each other than normal. We took advantage by going to the Out of Africa Park and on hikes and just taking it easy. It was really nice.
  • We also had the opportunity to go to the temple. Our closest temple is 2 hours away so, with Wendy, we don’t get to go very often and normally try to take advantage when we’re visiting family so that they can watch her. But it slipped our minds over this last trip and the day after we got home, Ben said, “Let’s take a trip to the temple!” I, truthfully, wasn’t very excited to spend so much more time in the car, but we went and I’m really glad we did!
  • Although Ben didn’t have classes those first couple weeks of the month, he did have his comprehensive exams. So he spent plenty of time going to study groups and studying on his own. But he took them and passed all of them…so with that and his thesis out of the way, it really should be smooth sailing until graduation.
  • Bay Girl #2 is doing well! We had a couple appointments this month and she was breech for the first one but had boogied around by the time of my next appointment. She’s measuring right on and I’m doing well.
  • Wendy finally started walking! She definitely took her sweet time but when she finally got brave enough to get going, she took off without reserve. It’s so funny to see her little body waddling around. And now I need to remember to put shoes on her when we go out! She’s also just been learning and understanding on a new level. Her favorite thing is to pick a book and bring it to me or Ben so we can read it to her. She’ll bring 10 books in a row-she LOVES reading! (Now that I’m going, I just want to tell you ALL THE THINGS Wendy’s been doing.) If we say “Awwwwe” Wendy will get a toy out and snuggle it (or snuggle whoever is holding her). When she gets her hands on a wipe, she’ll scrub it around on her belly. And, for whatever reason, when we’re in the car, she just sits and laughs these fake laughs. Sorry, I got carried away. We love our little weirdo!
  • I know there have been mixed reviews about the mild weather that seems to be going on (almost) everywhere…but I have been loving it! We’ve had snow a couple times this month (and it always gets Christmas songs stuck in my head…despite the fact that Christmas is definitely over), but for the most part we’ve enjoyed mild, sunny days, some where we don’t even need jackets. It’s beautiful.


  • Wendy’s sleep schedule has been seriously whack since we got back from visiting family. It’s almost like she’s trying to just do everything opposite of how we had been doing it??? It is so weird. It has been a big old reminder to not get used to any set schedule in parenting because it’s bound to go changing on you (which I guess works in my favor too-this weird sleep phase won’t last forever either).
  • I’ve kept you guys updated with Wendy’s visits to her specialists and we had another visit this week. We actually first had a check up with Wendy’s regular doctor, who was very pleased with Wendy’s growth and said that she’s doing great. So you can imagine my frustration when the specialists said (later that SAME day) that they were disappointed with Wendy’s weight gain and that they’d been hoping to see more progress. Aghhhrblgh!!!! It goes without saying that I want the best for Wendy. It just gets me all sorts of grumpy when I’m getting different opinions…especially when I side with her doctor-I think she’s doing great! Bleh. Maybe we need to send Wendy up to her grandparents’ house where she can eat as much ice cream as she wants…surely that would fatten her up…;)


On My Brain

  • With a baby coming and a probable impending move, I’ve been aching to get some things organized and boxed up. BUT since we don’t know when we’d be moving or where we’d be moving, I feel like I can’t really get anything done. Looks like I’ll be facing the brunt of it after the baby comes…
  • I was sad to find out that President Monson had passed away. I’m also really happy for him to have “graduated” and to be able to be with his wife again. I’ve been reading his biography, and, while I’ve always been impressed with the kind of person President Monson was, this book has just got me amazed at his dedication and love and service. Most recently I read about how, in the 60s, President (then Elder) Monson was in charge of East Germany, which was behind the Iron Curtain at the time. Since supplies were hard to come by for people over there, President Monson started giving away his suits on his visits. His secretary estimated he gave away 10 suits every single year since that time. Such an incredible man. I sure love him.



  • Ha! I’m adding this section just so I can ask you guys questions and/or give some personal recommendations for my new faves.
  • First-do any of you guys have a favorite place to buy men’s white button up shirts (I know-most boring thing to give opinions on)??? We’ve bought like 3 this year for Ben and they’ve all been awful. So, recommendations? (I’m asking everyone but Heather because I know Matt will only wear white button ups that have been hand stitched by blind nuns and imported from rural caves in Germany).
  • Also, while visiting, my mother-in-law introduced us to Oikos Triple Zero Greek Yogurt and we have been loving it. It is ONLY sweetened with stevia (which is a totally natural herb). So it’s naturally low in sugar but it still tastes great. Since it’s Greek yogurt, it has a good amount of protein and they also add chicory root to it, so it’s a good source of fiber as well. I love it (and Wendy loves it…and I don’t feel bad giving it to her regularly since it’s not jacked up with a buttload of processed sugar) and highly recommend it if cutting out unnecessary sugar is something you’re trying to do. We’ve found it in bulk at Sam’s Club, but you can get lots of different flavors if you just buy it individually.
  • We’ve been signed up for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library for about a year now and it’s been so awesome, I feel like everyone should take advantage. Basically, if you sign up for the program, your child is sent a free book every month. And, unlike other “free” programs, this one is actually 100% free-there are no fees for registering or anything. Some of the books they send are so-so but many of the ones we’ve received have become Wendy’s favorites. Oh-and they’re NEW books too. The only downfall is that the program is only available in specific towns, but it’s definitely worth checking the map to see if your town is one of the areas.


3 thoughts on “January 2018

  1. Okay, first of all, dolly Parton always reminds me of you! Hahaha it’s because of that song you would always sing.
    Second, I LOOOOVE that yogurt! I was so excited to find it!


  2. Also Dolly Parton reminds me of you. I need to check that library again now that I’m in a new town!! And oh Matt!!


  3. I can’t believe that I missed this update for so long! I seriously laughed out loud at your white shirt comment! We get most of our white dress shirts from Kohls or JcPenneys. They both tend to have good sales/clearance on mens dress clothes.
    So glad that Miss Wendy is growing, even if it’s not as much as the specialists would like yet. What % is she up to? It sounds like she’s getting so grown-up and big!


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