February 2018



  • This month has been really chill. When I started brainstorming my GBomb, I thought, “What did happen in February?” And I’m just going to count that in and of itself a good thing.
  • So Wendy has been saying words for awhile now, but pretty much only if she’s prompted. But the other day she finished all of her water and brought the bottle to me and said, “More.” And I almost started bawling…my baby is growing up! (I also want to note that she’s said “movie” on her own accord too-while holding a DVD- but when I ask her to repeat it, it’s never as clear, so I’m not sure I can count it…).
  • How was everyone’s Valentine’s Day? Ben always whines about hating it (too much pressure) but he always does something really sweet. We didn’t do anything big this year, but he did take Wendy out with him in the morning and brought back some sweet gifts.
  • I fulfilled a lifelong dream of going to Santa Fe (thank you Christian Bale and Newsies!-And, yes, we did listen to the song on the way there-ha!). Ben had the opportunity to present his thesis at a language teaching conference, so I walked around downtown while he presented (I would have loved going to his presentation but tickets into the conference cost $200…and I’m not a good enough wife to spend that…). It was fun (it reminded me a lot of Jackson Hole) and I’d love to be able to go spend more time there someday.
  • We have friends in Albuquerque, so we stayed with them on the weekend of the conference. We had so much fun catching up and letting our kids play together. While we were out and about, some guy asked if Wendy and our friends’ 10 month old were twins. Ha! In the guy’s defense, their baby is taller and weighs more than our teeny girly.
  • We don’t have daylight savings in AZ, but the days are getting longer and I love it!
Wendy’s “twin” 😉


  • I feel a bit like a traitor saying this because millions of women everywhere are grateful that we live in a world where a pregnant woman has access to cute, regular clothes that fit her growing belly. I’m grateful too. BUT. But sometimes I feel so huge that I really wish it was socially acceptable to wear a muumuu and tennis shoes. And “sometimes” really means more like every day.
  • My to-do list (mostly hopefully to be done before baby) seems to be growing at speeds greater than my capability of accomplishing tasks. Such is the life of a 30-something-week pregnant wife and mother.
  • This actually should have gone on January’s updates but I was too upset by it to even mention it-but Ben got rejected from one of the schools he applied to (and it was the one we were most leaning toward). Truthfully, it was really, really hard news for both of us to take. It just sucked. And, I mean, it’s still disappointing, but we are still trusting that everything will work out how it’s supposed to. We recognize that Ben might not get accepted to any of the school he’s applied to, but we know that there will be other opportunities. I really believe that Heavenly Father has a plan for everyone. And I feel like there have been so many times in my life where I have a plan and Heavenly Father steps in and changes things up…and lots of the times it can be frustrating and scary, but every time it has turned out a billion times better than I could have even imagined. So, my point is that we (Ben and I) are looking forward with faith and trying to be patient. He still has a couple of schools we are waiting to hear back from and, no matter what happens, everything will work out.
  • Our church’s ward boundaries got changed around and some of our good friends got moved to other wards, which we are bummed about. But maybe my primary class will have more than 2 kids? Haha we’ll see.
Wendy caught snuggling her lion.

On My Brain

  • For some reason, I keep thinking about May and all of the things that are happening that month…but my mind has been skipping over April…which is kind of a big deal…you know, baby #2 is supposed to come then. Ha! I don’t know what my deal is…
  • I’ve been thinking that I need to get on a better schedule and routine…but then I think about how I’ve got a baby coming very soon and how any semblance of a schedule will be kicked to the curb at least for a little bit after the baby comes. And, not going to lie, the laziness wins and I don’t think I’m going to try to make any major changes in the next month or so.
When Wendy picks her own pajamas


  • Sorry, not sorry, but I’m going there. Does anyone have any recommendations for good nursing bras? I love this one for when I’m at home but I haven’t had any luck finding one for going out. They all seem to be a weird shape or super uncomfortable. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


2 thoughts on “February 2018

  1. My very favorite nursing bras were from Victoria’s Secret. Unfortunately, they only made and sold them for like half a second, so no dice there. With Tallulah (when my final VS nursing bra bit the dust) I ended up with a Target one that was decent, but it wasn’t amazing. Mostly I just get back into a regular t-shirt bra asap, fold down the cup, and slip my boob up and over the top.


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