Third Trimester: 37 Weeks

(Do you guys get sick of seeing my messy bedroom?) Here’s me yesterday! 37 weeks and a couple days. Obviously I have not mastered the art of selfies…

Belly: I’m huge. Well, technically I’m measuring right where I should be. But I feel huge.

Exercise: I’m still running! Which is a huge miracle! Okay, and “running” is certainly not the most accurate term for what happens after I strap on my Sauconies. It’s more of a waddle/jog (a joggle?). I don’t go far and I walk if I’m feeling uncomfortable. I’m not hanging on to running for any specific amount of time. As soon as it stops being relatively comfortable, Imma stop. I’m also doing workout videos (on days I don’t run) and going for walks.

Cravings/Aversions: I’ve been so lucky in the aversions department as I haven’t had any this whole pregnancy! And I finally have a legit craving to tell you guys about. And it’s shameful! Top Ramen noodles! Ha! There were a few weeks where Top Ramen just sounded so good. All. The. Time. Don’t worry, I recognize there is like no nutritional value in them, so I reined it in. But they were seriously hitting the spot for a few weeks there.

Left: 1 month to go when I was pregnant with Wendy
Right: 1 month to go this time around! (Ha! Same cardigan;)

Less Awesome:

  • I feel totally huge this time around. When I’m being logical (or even comparing pictures), I realize that I’m not huge. I’m just normal. But logic doesn’t always win out.
  • Every day is different but I’m definitely running low on energy. It just takes so much more effort to get things done.
  • Around 34 weeks I got a rash along my spine that kind of itched. I had the same thing my first pregnancy and it never became a big problem. But this time it spread all over my torso and had me itching like crazy! (A midwife said it might be PUPPS-but she never looked at it to confirm…so I don’t know for sure if that’s what was going on). Anyway, no amount of Vitamin E oil was helping. I finally got some Palmer’s Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks and putting it on for the first time gave instant relief! I’ve been putting it on every night since and the rash is gone and no more itching! Basically a miracle in my book. I’m loving this cream and would highly recommend it (although I can’t attest to its ability to stop stretch marks since I’ve already got plenty of those)!
  • I am really stupidly worried about labor. And I say stupidly because, as far as labor goes, I’ve experienced quite the smattering of possible scenarios just in my one go around: I had my water break, I labored without an epidural, I labored with an epidural,  I pushed, and I had a c-section. So I’ve experienced a lot. But there is just still so much unknown when it comes to labor…and I’m nervous.
  • I’ve also been worried about Wendy. I’m worried about what to do with her if the baby comes early since we don’t live near family (we do have a tentative plan). And I’m just worried about how she’ll adjust to having another baby here. She will adjust (we all will) but I just want to make sure she still knows she’s loved! The good thing is that I’m worried Wendy won’t feel loved and Ben says he’s worried the new baby won’t feel loved, so I guess we’re balancing each other out.


  • We are down to once-a-week appointments and baby seems to be healthy and doing well. As far as the doctors can tell, she’s in the right position and I’m measuring right where I’m supposed to be.
  • This baby is coming so so soon. For some reason, when I hit 30 weeks I started feeling so impatient. I know. That’s way too early to get antsy. So I told myself to buck up and power through. And, luckily, for the most part, I was able to keep my head in the right place (although I’d be lying if I said I never had days where I told Ben I never want to pregnant again…). But now, here at 37 weeks, I feel really good about how much time I have left. My due date is so…reachable. I might feel differently in a week or two. But right now, I feel patient. Huge and sluggish, yes, but like I can make a few more weeks being huge.
  • The doctor’s office I go to here in Flagstaff is a little different than any I’ve been to before. Here, there are several nurse practitioners (midwives) and a handful of doctors (they’re all women) and the one who will deliver you is just whoever is on call at that time. For my appointments, I generally meet with the same 2-3 women (who I really like) but I had to switch to a different day so I’ve met with some women I’d never met before. My last appointment was with a doctor who was just so great. She was so straightforward but still so optimistic. It was a breath of fresh air I didn’t even know I needed. She answered all my questions and helped me get a plan ready and just was awesome. It’s funny how much a good appointment can mean and this one really did wonders for my worries.
  • As I mentioned above, Wendy ended up being a C-section, so this time around we are trying for a VBAC. Honestly speaking, I’m not the best candidate but we’re going to give it a go anyway. In the case of a VBAC, they often won’t induce labor and they recommend that you get a C-section if you’re 3 days overdue. I know that different people would have different opinions about this scenario…but honestly I am totally okay with it. We actually have a C-section scheduled in the event that I don’t go into labor naturally, and it is a huge relief to me that I won’t have to go more than 3 days late (and I’m sure that having a solid end in sight is helping with the patience I talked about above!).
  • My mom is coming! Obviously, she was always planning on coming but now she has a set date and I’m so so grateful she’ll be here! Very soon! That woman was pregnant 6 times, had 7 children and to say she knows what she’s doing is a huge understatement. Hooray for Mom!

One More Thing

  • How does everyone choose names???? I’m not one for naming my kid as soon as I find out the gender (I have to meet the baby first) but we basically knew Wendy would be Wendy as soon as we found out she was a girl. But this baby has been sooooooo different. We are not sure at all what her name is going to be. And it makes me feel a little bit unprepared. But hopefully we’ll just know when we meet her.
Running out of room…

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